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Come and comment, luv

I have seen several bloggers with the WordPress plugin call Comment Luv. It is quite a nice idea. Once you leave a comment, my blog will fetch your latest blog post and put the link here under your comment. This way, millions of my femes blog readers will go over to your blog and read if the title interests them. (pardon the million and femes, it is a weekend and I am just amusing myself)

So, come and comment lah. See if it works or not.

16 Responses to “Come and comment, luv”

  1. it works!

    weirdouxs last blog post..Adsense: true side income.

  2. But I don’t want the link wor. After they come and flame me. Bwahahaha!!!

  3. Ok, see if last year mia post also can fetch. Test! Test!

    Bryans last blog post..World First Platinum Apple iPod Nano

  4. Eh, really ah? I have this ongoing feud with plugins lar..some are giving me headaches no end…now wondering if it is worth the trouble to add this plug in… :mrgreen:

    Foongs last blog post..Foong becomes sentimental

  5. Eeek! It works! 😯

  6. lol…
    testing.. testing..

    rachaellims last blog post..G’luck!

  7. My theme now doesn’t support widgets. Used to use this plugin before and I find that it’s a really good way to encourage comments in your blog =)

    ChanRaymonds last blog post..I’ll BRB

  8. teSting X 2 …. Works on MySpace anot??
    😳 😳 wor …
    My English very broken … Lol..

    Leos last blog post..YewwW .. I’m bz RecenTLy !! >.<”

  9. well i have no doubt this luv thingy will work. still want to see it tho. haha

    CJs last blog post..Just for Laughs (not too tasteful ya)

  10. Test…testing…tested..testis ok…Oops! I mean the test is okey!

    9pek9bos last blog post..Butt thinking on Shitty Problem!

  11. Just testing your plugin. Gampate!

  12. 😆 hi long no catch up….tis luv thingy is a great idea..just dropping 2 grap some luv n spread it around 😛

    ROs last blog post..Yummy Chocolates

  13. :mrgreen: Wow, new toy but my blog very lame one le…. 😳

    Agnes Tans last blog post..Borneo Marathon 2008

  14. This plugin is so popular nowadays!

    Susans last blog post..Linoluna

  15. Its true, going do follow and installing luv comment would certainly help increase traffic in your blog. I did it for my blog, and traffic increased 3folds! Amazing isn it. I’m sure you’ll be a great success!

  16. I have it installed, I get frustrated by people leaving comments using names like “Cheapest Car Insurance in the UK”.

    preeti´s last blog post..Vidya Balan at the launch of Spacetoon India’s cartoon characters : Photos