ManU vs HamU and I ended up cooking dinner in 30 mins

I left for church at 5.30 pm while hubby picked up the kids from cathecism class and brought them to the park. He told me he has live football match at 7.45 pm. So, we won’t be able to go out for dinner but he said he will ‘tapau’. I suggested to him, “Haiyah, why don’t you try cooking dinner then? We have extended sermon so I won’t be back till late.”

7.45 pm, I reached home. I can smell rice cooking because the Thai fragrant rice leaves a very nice fragrance. But guess what? No dishes. He was already glued to the TV.

So, I asked, “HUH? dishes leh? Eat rice with soya sauce kah?”

Eyes glued to the TV, he said, “Nay, got fried dace with black beans and baked beans. Open them, mah can eat liao lor.”


I then took out a packet of pork grown on trees (vegetarian meat) from the freezer. Dump it into water. I went to change clothes.

And tadaaa…..30 minutes, dinner is served.


Baked beans and eggs.


Stir fried mushroom, celery and vegetarian pork.

lotus root soup

Leftover lotus root soup. And one more left over tauyew bak.

Last week, ManU and Chelsea caused me to miss the Sikh party. This week ManU and West HamU, caused me to speed cooking with make-up and mascara. I hate you ManU!

16 thoughts on “ManU vs HamU and I ended up cooking dinner in 30 mins

  1. Ah Lian sis dont get angry with Man United la blame the English FA ma , they schedule want ma … MAN UNITED WON 4 – 1 …One more WIN horrrrrayyyyy

  2. why u always like to show off to people that u really know how to cook?
    I am fed up to see all these repeated recipe.Don’t u have other thing to do?I used to eat outside food so that the hawkers would have business.We must always empathize with people and not only think of ourself.If everyone cooks at home,the hawkers will have no customers to patronize.They have kids to fend too.

  3. calm down,be cool.I felt guilty as well,I was on a dinner with my parent and piss them off for the poor table manner as the rea.hahaha.1 more match,then no more matches

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  4. darren – I hope ManU lost. LOL

    shadowfox – My #3 kid especially loves beans cos he can have fart fest after that. LOL

    BEH – I missed the Sikh party lor. So sayang cos I want to take pic of their colourful pics.

    People, it’s the weekend! I give free hentam fest. Nah, go whack the nut above.

  5. Albert – Welcome back with your stupidity. What the fark is your conclusion??? You are doing good eating at the hawkers so they have business??? What crap!!!

    If Lilian don’t open that can of Baked Beans, the company who made them could go bankrupt and hundreds of their workers would have no jobs.If she didn’t buy that vegetable to cook, farmers would have no income, land would not be developed, there would be no Cameron Highlands, the tourism industry would suffer, economy would fall. Malaysians would all be poor. You could end up being a male-whore to stay alive.

    Doesn’t make sense right? So forget what I wrote above but do consider the last part. You could help out those foreign workers by letting them release some sexual frustration on you. You might get a Nobel Prize for it. And you might actually like it and consider it as your career. Bwahahahah!!!!!

    Albert, you are such a LOSER!!! And you shall remain that way because you are stupid and ignorant.

  6. Ur husband is right leh. Canned food is a gem! Wooot ManU gonna take the Premiership back to Theatre of Dreams.

  7. Wah, Lilian. Your lotus root soup making me damn hungry dy. But why so much ‘floating oil/fat’? Pork grow on tree also looking good. Other than dried dates, what else you campak inside?

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  8. OMG!! what is wrong with this Albert..?? oii albert!! go donate all your money (if you have one) to the hawkers lah!! by doing that, they will have enough money to fend their family! No brain kah lu!! orang punya suka lah want to cook or want to tapau!

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  9. Funny thing that Malaysian loves baked beans + eggs on rice for lunch or dinner. My ang mo friends looks at me with a big question mark on top of their head when I eat that.

    Aiyah.. Lillian! Boys are always boys ma.. What to do? ManU wor..

  10. Lilian

    I’m Man Utd fans too since 1990. In fact, I’m a fan of sports team that is in red. hahaha.

    Ferrari, Chicago Bulls, Man Utd and so happened they are all champions. Even my school sports team also RED. So cannot help.

    Who is the moron Albert1951? Can’t show off what we cooked? FU, I suka lar, if the moron don’t cooked, keep your (Albert1951) farking mouth shut.

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