I left for church at 5.30 pm while hubby picked up the kids from cathecism class and brought them to the park. He told me he has live football match at 7.45 pm. So, we won’t be able to go out for dinner but he said he will ‘tapau’. I suggested to him, “Haiyah, why don’t you try cooking dinner then? We have extended sermon so I won’t be back till late.”

7.45 pm, I reached home. I can smell rice cooking because the Thai fragrant rice leaves a very nice fragrance. But guess what? No dishes. He was already glued to the TV.

So, I asked, “HUH? dishes leh? Eat rice with soya sauce kah?”

Eyes glued to the TV, he said, “Nay, got fried dace with black beans and baked beans. Open them, mah can eat liao lor.”


I then took out a packet of pork grown on trees (vegetarian meat) from the freezer. Dump it into water. I went to change clothes.

And tadaaa…..30 minutes, dinner is served.


Baked beans and eggs.


Stir fried mushroom, celery and vegetarian pork.

lotus root soup

Leftover lotus root soup. And one more left over tauyew bak.

Last week, ManU and Chelsea caused me to miss the Sikh party. This week ManU and West HamU, caused me to speed cooking with make-up and mascara. I hate you ManU!