American Idol David Cook version of Billie Jean

I have this video on my Youtube account and have listened to it several times already. Each time, it gets better.

David Cook has somehow overtook my other favourite contestant from American Idol season 7, David Archuleta. David Cook is much more versatile while David A is more the teens idol. However, David Cook seems too similar to Chris Daughtry. Yet, he can turn any songs into his own. For example, the above Michael Wacko Jackson’s ahqua Billie Jean version sounds soooooo beautiful in David Cook’s rendition.

Without doubt, I think the next contestant to be voted out of American Idol next week will be Jason Castro. Then, we will see the final three in the two Davids and Syesha Mercado. The fact that Jason remains while the better female singers were voted out proved that female voters always vote for the male contestants. It’s a female thing, this.

So, I am betting that David Cook has a better chance than David Archuleta. David Cook – American Idol Season winner. Whether he wins or not, he is a winner already.

8 thoughts on “American Idol David Cook version of Billie Jean

  1. That version of bilie jean was originally sung by Chris Cornnel but i luv it nonetheless. I really liked his version of Always be my baby and hello too. Simply star quality!!! I’d buy his album even if he doesn’t win….

    As for david A… i still don’t understand why people like him.. When he sings his pronunciation is like “chow leng tai” and he has really weird facial expression. I wouldn’t buy his album even if he wins.

  2. hey guys… how come u hav seen this episode ord??

    i am still eagerly waiting 4 d show in 2 days time….

    i hav a bet wt my wife tht DC will come out as the winner…let’s c.

  3. So YES, our Idol David Cook beats Archuletta for 12 million votes, that feels so good. WOOOT!

  4. David cook has one of the great voices that i have ever heard in american idol”,”

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