This yet another Barisan Nasional tak pakai hotak proposal. WTF? They want to impose rules on all women just because our local police, customs, immigrations or whatever are inefficient? If it is drugs, go after the drug kingpins. How can they try to control women from travelling? I thought Rais Yatim was one of the more decent minister when he was in charge of the law ministry (or whatever post he held previously) but it seems that knowledge does not equal cow common sense.

KUALA KLAWANG: Local women intending to travel abroad alone may need family consent in a bid to prevent them from being used as “drug mules” by international syndicates.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said a proposal to this effect would be made soon to the Cabinet, following several incidents where women were used to smuggle drugs overseas.

Out of 119 cases of Malaysian women hauled up before foreign courts, 90% were linked to drugs, he said.

“Last night, my ministry, together with the Home Ministry, have jointly forwarded a report to the Cabinet on the matter.

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This proposal is no different from trying to control women from going out of their homes because they can be victims to rapes and murders.

Stupidity beyond comprehension.

90% of the 119 Malaysian women who got caught probably deserved it because greed had got them there. They are going to be penalised, thrown into jail, given whatever maximum punishment. That’s their lessons. If others can learn from them, fine. If others still are gullible to do the drug trafficking, then, let them rot in jail. How can we sympathise with them and then, impose a law that covers ALL women.

Get real lah, Rais Yatim. These women are over 18 years of age and are old enough to decide. They need time to get the air-tickets, fly there and everything they do, they have ample time to think and ponder. If they still carry it out, we cannot save their arses because they are not innocent. They know what they are doing and if they suffer because of it, that’s life.

Now, I hope all the DAP women MPs screw Rais Yatim kau-kau. MCPs like these ought to be tiu-ed.

The stupid, it burns

Seriously, what’s wrong with the Government!

When they say ‘women and children first’ they do not mean treat women like children!

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