Malaysia adoration for her colonial’s past?

I do not know whether to feel proud or feel pissed when I saw our Royal Malay Regiment in UK. On one hand, I am happy that these patriotic young men were given a chance to be there. Woohoo! British holidays! On the other hand, it puzzled me.

Remember our previous Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang and their mission to ‘Malay-nised’ all the heritage building and all the roads’ names, including Gurney Drive? There was this period where they think anything British is evil. They wanted to wipe off history. They changed every road names and even building names to local names. (read my 2005 post on Does Penang need to divorce it’s colonial past)

โ€œThe city was widely referred to as Tanjung Penegri by the older generation. So it will be fitting to rename it Tanjung or Tanjung Penegri,โ€ he said yesterday.

He was commenting on a call by Seberang Jaya state assemblyman Ariff Shah Omar Shah on Wednesday to rename George Town โ€œBandar Datuk Abdullah Fahimโ€ to rid the city of its colonial past.

(quote taken from The Star news dated 2005)

(THANK GOD, DAP/PKR/PAS under Pakatan Rakyat has kicked out these morons!)

Can someone tell me why suddenly they seem so attached to the British? They send a troop of soldiers just to have a march with those feather duster hats British soldiers at the palace. I think the amount of money they spent to send the troop there just to march is enough to send a battalion to some rural areas to build some schools, playgrounds, dewan rakyat and etc for our poor folks.

Is there some submarine or fighter jet deal in the making? Or am I not allowed to even think aloud about things like these? Seditious, kah?

But our countrymen adoration for anything British doesn’t end here. I almost choked on my own saliva reading Mahaguru58 blog. We have PISANG going to save the British prostitute or is it social escort, Sufiah Yusof. *dabs tear* PISANG! Pisang ni dah kupas kulit ke belum?

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  1. wo wo woah…… my dear blogger. hang on there, dpn’t get too emotional. Well, personally as for me, I dont see theres too much of a deal for sending them there. What’s the big deal? Come on, we’ve always had realtions with the British it goes back in our history, and we are also a Commonwealth country. So it’s all about promoting good relationship, and hey, it might also promote our country to the people there (Judging that there was a big crowd gathering to see them march in london). So yeah, why not take it positive i guess. What’s next, stop wasting money to send our athletes to compete the commonwealth games or something?


  2. Anyone knows how much it is going to cost our MALAYSIAN TAXPAYERS to send these ‘clowns’ there? I’d rather pay to watch the London Circus anytime.
    Another RM790K down the London sewage, I guess…

  3. AnakPenang – I also am curious too. I wonder if they send horses there too. :mrgreen:

    Foong – It makes me wonder why of all countries, they thought of such thing? Another Malaysia Boleh achievement I guess.

  4. aitelyu ah, wa boh suka all these nonsense la. all the old name so romantic so nostalgic. look at Love Lane, named after Francis Light’s mistress – nevermind the tranny love night scene there. Look at those name like Weld Quay, Chulia St, Light St, Lebuh Amoi and etc etc all so cun so historical nak bubuh nama artificial. piirraahh.

    nonsense summore send whole troop just to guard Buckingham palace. what? the Brits got no more red-blouse-big-MargeSimpson-hat anymore ka? awat tak jaga places around this country yang selalu kena snatch thieve and murder?

    that time election when Najb won my friend went like – “aiyoo habis la mesti shopping roket ngan torpedo lagi.”

  5. Sandyow – Albert related to you ar? Woi, go run for PM lah, you might get elected. Then you can do whatever pleases you.

    If you actually know how to read, read the paragraph below this blog’s title.

  6. Lilian, I don’t think they send any horses there, only clowns and bigfoot fresh from our august house ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  7. 9pek9bo – Yalor, I blogged about that before and seriously, not many people know what is UMNO in BM.

    anak penang – LOL, clowns. We got a lot.

    budak penang – LOLOLOL, Marge Simpson! So cun!

  8. cun kan? haha! remember mr bean show where he put flower and deco on the hat-hair?

  9. What a bore you are. Grow up lah. This shows that we’ve finally come to terms with our past and we can stand tall with our past colonisers.

    Anak penang — the soldiers really looked good. They are not clowns. They help to keep you safe so that you can write stupid comments on the Web.

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