I gave one ringgit. Will you, won’t you?

It is more of a symbolic gesture. A sign of my support as a blogger to another blogger. It is not the money that matters but rather, how many of us are willing to go out and put in a ringgit to say, ‘I will walk with you.’ You get into trouble with the law because you wrote something that you believe in.

So, will you do the same for RPK? He has refused bail and will go to Sungai Buloh Prison.

I deposited RM2 in CIMB because outstation charges cost 50 sen and atm machine accepts only notes.

I do it because I believe RPK has done what most of us bloggers will do. We say something that we strongly believe we are right. We expressed something that tugs on our conscience. He took a risk and he pays the price. But his faith, though a Muslim, is very inspiring to me. He wrote about submission to God. He leave things in God’s hands.

You can either donate through our local bank or through PayPal. Remember, it is not the money that counts. It is the numbers. It is how we bloggers can stand united to show our support to another blogger.

So, will you? Won’t you?

UPDATES from Malaysia-Today :

updates 1616: Account statement made by RPK’s wife on the donation as at 4pm today

From CIMB bank account : RM24,500.00
From Paypal account : $3,283.61 USD (net total, after deduction of fee charges by Paypal services)

Message from RPK’s wife and family:

Only RM5,000.00 is needed to bail out RPK. The remaining balance will be given to charitable home of RPK’s choice. We would like to thank you all for your tremendous supports

45 thoughts on “I gave one ringgit. Will you, won’t you?

  1. terence – I watched the noon news and now, RTM says they also want to blog. Niamah, people blog, they blog. People kentut, they kentut. Got national coverage of TV, they spew lies. Let them blog, also same lies lah. Tiu, watch TV oso tulan.

    So, how many RM100 notes you deposited? Niamah! Mine one leh?

  2. Why want to donate since RPK refused to pay? Isn’t that against his wish? And where does the money go after that since he’s not going to post the bail?

  3. Yahor, same bank. I choose to remain anonymous. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    Semua also wanna blog. I waiting for that chicken shit Albert to blog so he can blog on his G*D damned views since he is so righteous.

  4. I donated via PayPal. I’ve never done this before… donating to a total stranger. Yeah, I’m very stingy… can hardly make ends meet. Rice, noodle, oil semua suda naik harga!! Grrrr

    Have a nice day Lilian, I love your blog :mrgreen:

    Nessas last blog post..A Sporting Carnival

  5. terence – Ptui, don’t mention the name. I just read about the indelible ink and now, I sipeh tulan wei. EC lied to all of us! There wasn’t any smuggling at all! KNN, lied to us with their cock and bull story. Some more show us on TV clips of police at the border. CCB, I hate being lied to!

    kawan – Go get your mommy’s permission to get on the net. Things like this, you don’t understand. It is not the money, it is the show of solidarity. A matter of principle. How to spell principle? P R I N C I P L E. Go find a dictionary and look up those words, ok? Good boy now, run along and buy a lollipop with RM1.

  6. nessa – Glad to see another one who sees the whole point of donating one ringgit. I am encouraged to see so many prominent people there to give their support. This is just the beginning of something bigger I believe.

  7. Colleague and I joined up and remitted thru Maybank2u our RM20 (letting the bank earn RM2 in the process, but that doesn’t matter). As my friend said, “RPK is doing what I don’t have the guts to do, speaking out what I don’t have the guts to say, even though there is grave injustice being done in this land. This is the least I can do. Here’s my moral support”

    LC_Tehs last blog post..A Good Boss Should

  8. Auntie, I simply think it’s insulting to donate money to RPK. As if he doesn’t have the money.

  9. kawan – You go to his blog and crap all you want. Go tell that to the Malaysia-Today’s readers and see what they say to you.

    LC_Teh – The show of support is very encouraging, isn’t it? If they can do that to him, they will do that to everyone in future. They will find every reasons and excuses to stuff whoever go against them into jail. This is intimidation.

  10. I wish RPK didn’t refuse bail… I am going to miss a lot of his commentary. But I will stand by his decision!

  11. Victor – With all the PR backing him, I think they will find a way for him. Don’t tell me he is going to squat in Sungai Buloh until October? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    May – Yeah, that’s the only way we can actually do something to show our support. They have managed to raise so much in such a short time.

    kawan – No, he doesn’t need the money. It is a show of support. *repeat 1,000 times*

  12. It’s not about the money la, Kawan. At this trying time of his life, and after giving so much to us all in Malaysia, it’s only fair if we show him that we are all firmly behind him.

    The one ringgit or whatever amount you give is just a means to show that you care, that you walk with him. The quantum of how much you give hardly matters.

    CJs last blog post..To Walk with RPK

  13. I am so bloody pissed off by this whole nonsense!!!!! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ THe picture of him behind bars is so heartbreaking…

  14. WE must fight this charge against RPK together. We must NOT allow the govt. to cow the alternative media. It was RPK and bloggers like him who gave us the breathing space to VENT our frustrations on the govt. DAMN the govt.

  15. Kawan – You talked so much then you donated RM5. Its not about the money, its about coming together and giving support. RM5K bail only. You really think RPK no money ar? Any of his supporter would have taken out RM5k for him. By posting and asking for RM1, the word have spread all over the internet. You see where they are getting at? You have much much more to learn my friend.

    By not posting bail, like the Aunty said, P R I N C I P L E. He is sending another message. Foreign media is watching, the pressure now is on the authorities. Learn the trade and tricks, my friend. Or he wanna eat rice with sand like YB LGE. Bwahahaha!!!

  16. I support Raja Petra (Botak)too.I want to borrow money from my friend to sponsor him $50-00.But I heard that he refused to post the bail and rather to confine in prison until the hearing date on Oct 6th.Please try your best to persuade this kind gentleman to post the bail.
    Albert the Great

  17. Thank u Lilian for publishing my comments.Sorry,I don’t know the donation is closed at 4pm today, Jesus Christ I miss it!Anyway,I promised my friend to repay him $50 next week and since I don’t use the money now,I shall return him afterwards.Actually I bluffed him to lend me $50-00 to see a doctor.
    I respect Botak very much,he is a very courageous man.I feel myself a very timid,a loser person in front of this great man.

  18. Arrggghhhhh!!!!!!

    Albert- Borrowing is not supporting. RPK wouldn’t want your money that way. He won’t want you to be in debt for his cause.
    Take my advice. Be a man-whore. Earn the money yourself. Bwahahaha!!!

  19. Kawan,

    Look deeply into your heart. Have you ever wonder why you don’t have kawan2 or friends to cry on?

    Now you know why..

    Grow up!!


  20. what YM RPK wants is for us to show our support and sincerity to him to make him feels that its worth what he has been doing all this while as a blogger. Which soul in malaysia got the balls to say like YM RPK? None!!! Kawan, dont you see what Marina has said in MT? The extra money will be donated to charity of YM RPK choice! Give me your acc and i will bank in the 5 buck which you contributed. KNN making such a fuss. You think YM RPK wanna con Malaysians?

  21. Terence-why u always go against me and don’t leave me alone?why u always want me to be a gigolo?I intend to support Botak,but happen that I have no money in my pocket and so I have to borrow from my friend,is it wrong to borrow money to help a person who fights for our right?Am I wrong to support a good man?
    Please stop asking me to sell my body,I hate it.

  22. Terence-I try to be friendly to u but u always show hostility to me.Our Saint Botak is in big trouble now and we commentators should unite and stop bickering.Now our target is to how to raise fund to bail him out.Even though he chooses prison over bail,we can ask Lilian to convince him and give him solace.What do u get in return if I work as a gigolo?think about it.

  23. 9PEK9BO – never mind, support in spirit

    terence – BWAHAHAHAHA enjoy :mrgreen: . You say pass through mah… ๐Ÿ˜†

  24. Albert- Read my earlier comment to Kawan. Its not about the money. But I guess you are to shallow to understand the ‘Art of War’. RPK don’t want you or anyone to be in debt to raise the money. (tiu, then again it not about money). If you don’t have money, your presence and moral support is pretty much good enough.

    Don’t you start the ‘TRYING TO BE FRIENDLY’ shit with me. I am not your friend. I have admin status in this blog and there are some ‘sexual harassments’ comments that you made which I did not publish. I dont have anything against you and I left you alone by putting you as SPAM. Do you want me to ‘approve’ your ‘sexual harassment’ comments for the readers here to judge and prosecute you.

    I don’t get anything in return if you are a gigolo. You are not a gigolo. You are just a man-whore. Don’t get mixed up. Think about it seriously, you are doing the foreign workers a big favour.Bwahahaha!!!

    Added: Woi! You think anybody can sell their body ar? Take it as a compliment lah! Niamah!!!

  25. I just read about RPK. I didn’t manage to donate to show my support. Glad to read that more than 20000 ppl are supporting RPK. Like LC_Teh claimed, we need more ppl like RPK. He is doing something that many ppl don’t have the gut to do it, inclusive of me.

    Choonies last blog post..man that not easy to satisfied

  26. choonie – RPK is one of the people who wakes us from our slumber and ignorance to the injustice going on. Without him, we probably still vote for corruption, discrimination, injustice, cronyism…(die, why I talk like LKS liao?)

    Terence – You forget to tell him, loser is spell with a capital L.

  27. Terence-it seems that everything u say is correct and what I said were all wrong.I told u that we must stop dispute and concentrate our energy to help Botak,don’t u listen to me?Action is more efficient than just grumbling for nothing.I know u have Lilian to support u and u have been all the time spoiled by her.That’s make u very rebellious all the time.
    I don’t blame u at all.
    Albert the Great

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    Terence-it seems that everything u say is correct and what I said were all wrong.I told u that we must stop dispute and concentrate our energy to help Botak,donโ€™t u listen to me?Action is more efficient than just grumbling for nothing.I know u have Lilian to support u and u have been all the time spoiled by her.Thatโ€™s make u very rebellious all the time.
    I donโ€™t blame u at all.
    Albert the Great

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  28. I sent in my contribution through PayPal. I am willing to shed my blood too if needed. Its the strength of my belief on the matter.

  29. Foong – Nay, the sicko is now exposed. I hope he rots in jail.

    EddieTheHead – Bless you!

    shawn – The amount they collected was overwhelming so I think they stopped. It was over RM30K.

  30. I say this maybe can kena marah la, but I dunno much about RPK. I donated anyway cause I beh syok gomen suka suka take people taruh behind the bars to eat sand rice. I sarport RPK. Now, I am going to read about him. =P Don’t shoot me. ๐Ÿ˜

    Ping Pings last blog post..The sunshine in our lives

  31. i definitely donate if i know this news early… i was outdated recently from news…lol

    seriously, i am proud to be a blogger

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