Updated :

If you couldn’t make it to the Sungai Buloh prison last night to light a candle for RPK, friends will be holding another candle light vigil later tonight.

Date : 8th May

Venue : Dataran Merdeka

Time : 8pm

(source : Haris Ibrahim’s People’s Parliament)

I have nothing more to say, as I am thoroughly exhausted by the turn of events and can only hope and pray that my fellow citizens, especially wives and mothers out there, that you would all come together to protest and to demand for my beloved husband’s freedom and that you will call upon your member of parliament to boycott parliament as a gesture of support for my husband’s struggle. (Mrs RPK aka Marina Lee)

These sentences touched a chord in my heart as a wife and mother. I would not want to get involve in the political side of things because it is so sensitive. But when a woman is calling out for mothers and wives out there, I must heed the call and tell her I hear her.

These nine days, I am attending a Novena. It is like a 9-day special mass leading to Pentecost. I lifted up my prayers to God Almighty that He will watch over me and keep me safe because when we put our lives out there on the internet, we are vulnerable to the risks of a whole new world.

I also prayed earnestly that justice will prevail. I am a nobody. I am only a reader of Malaysia-Today and I wouldn’t dare to say I am 100% behind RPK because I admit that I do not totally eat up everything he said. Most times, I take it with a grain of salt. But, I know that he was instrumental in the huge political tsunami and for that, I must thank him. He was the binding force, bringing PAS and its previous nemesis DAP together. He plot and chart many things, with his unseen action.

But these two nights, I prayed hard for him to see justice. Because if RPK can get into trouble, all of us can. If there is no leniency for him, who is from the royal lineage, who else will have the immunity? I see it as the silence of the bloggers or the questioning voices. Whatever outcome from this case is a huge milestone for every single Malaysians. Therefore, pray to your heavens that whatever it is, it has to be something that protects us. Yes, I am being selfish here. I want RPK to be safe so that I can feel safe as well. (not that I have said anything detrimental but I have a lot of questions)

Right after I read this posting by Marina Lee aka Mrs. RPK, I stumbled on Lim Kit Siang’s blog. If you recollected, RPK was very critical of Lim Kit Siang at one stage (when LKS asked his Perak state ADun to boycott the ceremony at the palace). Yet, today….Lim Kit Siang on on trial on RPK’s behalf at the Parliament.

I tell you, I have never respected Lim Kit Siang this much until now. He was there, quoting facts after facts, with the Bung Mokthar shouting at the back, other MPs from Barisan questioning him and so on. Yet, Yang Berhormat Lim Kit Siang kept on stating the facts that RPK should not be treated like he is. Lim Kit Siang did not defended RPK but defended the issue. Lim Kit Siang said if RPK is wrong and has accused the other parties wrongly, the other parties have the right to defend themselves. But RPK cannot be given the treatment he is getting now.

There are four video segments but let me share video number two. It is funny, it is factual and it speaks so much of Lim Kit Siang’s support for RPK’s case. I am so glad that we have Members of Parliament like Yang Berhormat Lim Kit Siang. I accord you my highest respect, YB Lim.

And everyone, please read Marina Lee’s posting in Malaysia-Today. Do what you feel is right. I don’t know, maybe just share the link with your readers or something. Whatever lah.

And who is my Member of Parliament? Saudara Liew Chin Tong (DAP/where I am staying) or is it Datuk Zahrain (PKR/where I vote) I have faith in them. I know they will stand up for justice, human rights and freedom.

May the Almighty watch over RPK and get him out of Sungai Buloh Prison soon. I need that blog mentor to spice up my daily readings and writings. I hope the hunger strike will help him lose some of his belly. God bless RPK and gives strength to Puan Marina and RPK’s daughter.