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Mothers with young girls, watch out for this pedo

Moms with young daughters, watch that you do not have this stalker name


who may use some other extension like the year 1951

and carries some hotmail account like


and suspiciously comes from |

lurking in your blog.

Take this as a serious warning because this pedo is keeping a very repulsive, sick, perverted blog which contains pedo matters and adult contents.

The blog is here :

Folks, please make a report to Blogger and submit a complaint using the form on Blogger.

And to this arsehole, if I get another comment from you, you better watch your back. The reason I tolerate your stupid, unwanted comments this long is because I wanted to gather enough evidence. You are exposed now.

72 Responses to “Mothers with young girls, watch out for this pedo”

  1. Its been removed, so I don’t know what the blog was about…

  2. There is always Google cache pages. And screenshots are evidences too…..

  3. For the record :

    Albert1951 |

    Sorry to disturb u.I want to delete my nasty blog,but don’t know how to do.Please help me.Thank you.

    From Mothers with young girls, watch out for this pedo, 2008/05/07 at 6:32 AM

    Albert1951 |

    Dominic Kok-I am not a pedo in real life.All my posts in my blog are imaginative and stories making.I have seeked Lilian’s pardon and hope u can understand.Thank you.

    From Mothers with young girls, watch out for this pedo, 2008/05/07 at 6:20 AM
    2008/05/07 Approve | Unapprove | Spam | Delete

    Albert1951 |

    Should I know that posting comments in my blog is a serious offense,I would certainly refrain myself from posting my imaginative stories.I am not a computer savvy and know a little about it.So I am curious and try to blog like other people too.
    I am so sorry for my misconduct and hope that u can pardon me.Thank you.I didn’t close a wink for whole night as I come to know that I am doing wrong.Please forgive me once again.

    From Mothers with young girls, watch out for this pedo, 2008/05/07 at 6:15 AM

  4. HAHAHAH u know his comments on this post ARE the jokes

    on one hand he is “sincerly” appologizing, on the other hand, he’s insulting that bloggers can’t take jokes!

    bloody perverted lor! can we report this to the police?! imaginative stories? gawd that’s what rapists had before they actually raped somebody!!

    ok i better shut up..don’t want no threats!

    hueis last blog post..Eating less..

  5. […] Mothers with young girls, watch out for this pedo […]

  6. This Albert fella sounds mad and dangerous! I think he should be picked up and send to prison instead of Raja Petra…..

  7. Thanks Lilian,
    The Blog is removed now. No idea whether he deleted himself or was deleted by Google.
    But neverthe less, efforts payed out.
    Please keep and eye on him

  8. I just saw one of the cached pages for his blog and when I read the writeup he has written in his diary head is hopelessly sick.

  9. I kepoh-ed from google cache…

    What I don’t understand is why he would post those obscene pictures/posts. I don’t see what his point was…

  10. sid – I believe Google acted on the complaints ‘cos it says the URL is not even available for usage. But Google would have a copy of the site and they can be given if there are laws to do so.

  11. victor – You go ask Albert lor, what’s his point of doing it.

  12. I see that the blog has been deleted!!!

    Thank you for your posting this, Lilian…

  13. i wento to see this ALbert person’s blog i believe blogspot has too his blog down…thank goodness..i want to see what the deal was with this guys blog but I am apparently too late…good thing I wasnt able to see it because it seems like it would have really upset me.

  14. Woi! Did you listen to me and call the IO and ask about the progress of the investigation or do I have to send the SB over there to get answers??? Update me/us lah!!! Celaka!!!

  15. Terence – You don’t sked Albert lah. He pissed in his pants waiting for SB afterwards. What SB lah? :mrgreen:

  16. Collete – It is all here. (Warning : Very inappropriate contents involving minors.)

    Be my witness.

  17. Terence – Wei, you banned Albert ah? Why he no comment liao eh?

  18. SB is Special Branch lah. I didn’t block him leh. Maybe he ran off to China liao.

    So are you going to call the IO (Investigating officer)???!!! Niamah lu!!!

  19. terence – You scared Albert so much liao, you think he believes meh? Don’t scare him lah…Let him rest in peace. :mrgreen: But he said he wanna bring CSL to kiu-kai in China wor. Wei, he got MaChai immunity wei. Don’t play2.

  20. woah..1st time to come across a pedo website..
    crazy old man..

    elinnys last blog post..misfortune

  21. I am shocked. But I would say that this person is a socio-path, enjoying his time `torturing’ his virtual readers of his sex fantasy. It’s this thing where the issue of child pono….so he just gets the thrill you tracking him down! This man needs help!

  22. Yuck.This Albert Guy is sickening!!.Good thing the blog has been deleted.Thank you so much for the info Lilian.This pedo is a menace to society. 👿

    Lorraines last blog post..Second Tag