Pekerjaan : Housewife

You know what’s weird? If I don’t have a job title, I have the housewife title to fall back on.

But if let’s say a man is not working, he is unemployed. Why is he not a househusband?

And if I am not working, why am I not an unemployed but a housewife?

A single woman, say a 50 years old unmarried, unemployed woman, still get the ‘unemployed’ title.

Weird, right?

Anyway, pekerjaan saya suri-rumahtangga. Saya seorang rakyat yang prihatin.

Sekian. Laporan saya untuk hari ini. šŸ˜‰

P/S : And please send your messages to the heavens for whatever I have done or did not do or will be doing. I need that, please. Serious.

18 thoughts on “Pekerjaan : Housewife

  1. I think the title housewife is an incentive for the contributions of any mother to her family even though she is in fact unemployed. A housewife can be unemployed but good at managing the family, no?

    Ok ok, God bless you!

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  2. The label “housewife” has been taken for granted and the efforts of mothers who stay home are never recognised and appreciated enough. Thus, I think we should not use the label “housewife”. We should instead use the label “Minister of Home Affairs”. šŸ™‚

  3. Yah, God bless you!

    Bryan – Wuah! You updated your site. I better go update mine. Hahaha!!!

  4. Housewife sounds so degrading. They are actually the family’s Home and Finance Minister!

  5. I always wonder something..
    Yr son’s report card right, front page have to fill in pekerjaan one ma..u fill in suri-rumah or blogger?

    Is blogger a pekerjaan?
    Or is it a hobby?

    Or both?

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  6. i’m an unemployed curly hair boy with too much passion in culture and life… with no job.

    damn, i should have signed up to volunteer with Jeff Ooi.

  7. azhan – Yalah, early 80s. I Miss OE 1st runner up tau. Kahkahkah. Kerja kat despatch department (bukan opis girl tapi yang most responsible, packing jewellry for shipment)

  8. Agnes,

    In some cases, it is the Most Fierce One or The Slave. Not all with good/nice titles.

    Mother’s Day is coming soon, so i wish all of you (who are mothers/housewife/whateva you call urself) a very Happy Mother’s Day. Have a really good time on that day (May 11).


  9. A rose, by any other name, is still a rose…so a great mother will always be a great mother irrespective of whether she work at home, work outside, work anywhere or don’t work at all.

    A housewife / homemaker/ stay-at-home-mom are no less important than those with careers. As long as your family appreciates you, why bother what other people think? Why feel ‘insulted’ being called a housewife when there is nothing demeaning about it at all?

    A housewife is a wife who stays at home. Is that demeaning or degrading? Not in the least. Similarly, in western cultures (obviously not here!!), husbands who stay at home are being labeled as househusbands.

    I feel so passionate about this because I aim to be a housewife but couldn’t achieve this dream due to various reasons.
    Just my two cents’. šŸ™‚

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  10. not sure if this is the right platform for me to ask a question (actually asking for help/advice is more appropriate)

    I am at a loss here as to what i should do.
    My mother-in-law lives with me, tht’s fine… (she cooks like shit by the way)
    but the main problem is that she uses the phone a lot to call overseas… costing me almost RM800-1000 per month for the past 12 months.

    she has always been treated like a big tai-tai b4 her husband died and by her own words, she was spoilt by both her parents, never taken a public bus and imagine she felt she ought to change a car every 2 years in the 70’s…. everything was fine until she got caught in the financial crisis 10-15 yrs ago..i guesstimate she lost no less than RM7-8m..yes, millions, prior to tht… she always had her say…or way.

    she loss almost everything including her 2 bungalows, right now she is living with us in UK.
    I love my wife… BUT

    WHAT SHOULD I DO?? i hav ord hinted to my MIL abt cutting down the unnecessary calls.

    pls pls… appreciate any ideas and advice fr any good ‘housewife’ out there.
    p/s sorry.. murdering her is not an option.

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