Note that this is a just a humour post. Please go far-far if you cannot take mother-in-laws jokes, ok?

JT left a comment in my previous housewife post.

I love my wife… BUT

WHAT SHOULD I DO?? i hav oredi hinted to my MIL abt cutting down the unnecessary calls.

pls pls… appreciate any ideas and advice fr any good ‘housewife’ out there.
p/s sorry.. murdering her is not an option.

I think Terence will be the best person to teach you, JT? ‘Cos I am not a man and hence, cannot empathise why men cannot love our mommies like we women do. But that is not to say I don’t have my share of pain-in-the-arse monsters-in-law. In fact, I got ship loads of them in the form of siblings. (God bless my MIL who has RIP)

Still, do you know that it is easier for men to tolerate their monster-in-law than we women have to tahan our MILs? It is a gender thing.

Usually, with men, it is mostly about money. She wants to know how much you earn. She wants to compare your salary with her own son. She wants to make sure that her son has something much better than yours etc etc. Then, there are those who helps to keep an eye that you do not cheat on your wife so she mark you like a spy.

But with women, our MILs are truly monster from hell because she wants to be sure that we wives are not better than her in anyway and yet, they demanded we serve their precious sons like kings. Actually, they do not know what they want. Whether they want wives who are so superly good until their precious sons are so smitten with the wife’s cooking, housekeeping, childcare, sex etc etc or they want a so-so daughter-in-law who is below par compared to her.

Having said that…my dear hubby is actually very ngam with my mother, more than I do. He could tolerate my mom more than I can. Maybe because my mom is the exact opposite of his mom. My mom was a cheerful person, talks non-stop, very, very cincai and smiles all the time. She was excellent with our kids. (poor me……. just use the opposite adverbs and go figure LOL)

So, like I said, I really have no idea how to dispose off your monster-in-law, short of…..

(video taken from Edelweiss Cafe, Penang)

So, married men, help JT lah!