Klang Valley folks, got buy Malay Mail today? (me in there, wei)

The Malay Mail is back in publication a few days ago. A blogger friend asked me if she can interview me about blogging. I told her ok, provided I get to say what I want to say. And they did let me say what I said. That politicians’ blogs suck! Yay! I won’t be able to get hold of The Malay Mail but I will get a printed copy eventually. Otherwise, I will wait for the online version to be uploaded.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 23 — The Malay Mail, the Kuala Lumpur daily that has seen better days in its 112-year history, will turn into a political afternoon newspaper focused on Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states when relaunched May 5.

The Simpletech-Gabungan Kesturi consortium that bought The Malay Mail from NSTP Berhad has appointed industry veteran Tony Francis as editor with the tabloid’s old news editor Frankie D’Cruz as consultant.

The Malaysian Insider has also learnt that former The Star political correspondent K. Baradan is helming The Malay Mail’s political desk and is looking to hire reporters for states under the Pakatan governments.


So, go buy Malay Mail today lah! Terence said, “Cilaka, you say boycott the newspapers but now, you ask people to buy pulak.” I told him, “Different mah, Malay Mail is a new paper and they are probably not as biased as the UMNO/MCA funded newspapers leh?”

Now, on to The Sun, the free paper.

WEB EDITION :: Local News
Toh raps Penang education dept’s attitude

GEORGE TOWN (May 7, 2008): Former Barisan Nasional (BN) state executive councillor Datuk Dr Toh Kin Woon expressed disappointment at the attitude of the the Penang education department for refusing to allow the current state government from distributing prescription spectacles to children of Tamil schools during school hours.

“Why is it that it was okay for me to go to the schools when I was executive councillor but not for the executive councillor of a different party?” asked the former state education committee chairman.

“It is also not fair that the education minister at the federal level can go to schools, but not the state executive councillor for education.”

Deputy Chief Minister II Prof Dr P.Ramasamy, who also succeeded Toh’s portfolio after the May 8 elections, had told the press on Monday (May 5) of the current education committee’s plan to distribute spectacles to 223 pupils from 11 Tamil schools in Seberang Perai Utara on May 12.

(The Sun)

Few nights ago, I knew about this issue and I was terribly pissed. So pissed that I took the courage and posted my thoughts on Lim Kit Siang’s blog. (scared wei, there all die-hard fans of the Red Rocket, silap cakap, they bamboo me, mati leh)

  1. 5xmom Says:
    My prayers that we shall see justice with regards to RPK’s case.

    But I am very furious with this :

    Penang education director stops DCM from distrubuting spectacles to poor students

    I had blogged about this because I am a mother with four school going children. I know little kids love the ‘celebrity factor’ of having VIPs to grace their school events.

    First on NUTP ridiculous instructions, then, Ong Kah Chuan attending PTA, and the Minister of Higher Education distributing school building funds.

    (pardon my language on my blog, that’s my firebrand LOL)

    I am furious because the ruling Federal Government is not sticking to their own words. They allowed all the UMNO/MCA ministers to go to schools and participate and yet, create petty things with our Penang State Government.

    P/S : YB Lim, I am from KADun Air Putih. Was there at the launching of the service center.

And I am going to say to the Education Director again – Ini adalah perkara yang berperangai kebudak-budakan. Tuan telah silap langkah. Kanak-kanak sekolah sekarang sudah pintar IT, mereka faham perkembangan politik di negeri ini. Mereka boleh menggangap perbuatan ini sebagai reaksi rasa iri-hati, penindasan kerajaan terhadap kerajaan negeri dan keputusan biadap kerana YB Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang patut dihormati kerana beliau adalah DCM.

Permintaan tuan untuk mengadakan upacara itu di luar masa sekolah tidak munasabah kerana ini bermakna kanak-kanak semua kena pergi ke sekolah sekali lagi. Dan ini juga bermakna guru-guru semua juga kena kerja lebih masa.

In one sentence in English – You sucks.

And I have every right to rant over this stupid decision of wrangling for power that involves my children and all the school children in the Pakatan Rakyat-led states. It is immature, childish, vindictive, showing bad example to our children and under-estimating the wisdoms our youths. Cakap tak serupa bikin. If the Education Minister wants to get ALL politicians out of the schools, then, why are UMNO/MCA ministers allowed and even published in the papers? Why so petty? If the Education Department wants to nurture a righteous, moral upright group of young people, they have to start from themselves. Stick to your principles. No double-standard.

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  1. kaDusMama – I am not reading your comment but rather your latest post title. *hurries over to find out*

    agnes – Got photos inside kah?

    Jarod – Yay, got more show to see.

  2. i feel like an ignorant bimbo, not knowing the newspaper was banned and keep wandering why is it always sold out by the time i go out to find it not bothering to Google stuff about it.

    all these politikus don’t want to ngaku kalah ka?

  3. I will stick to my principle. Send me a cut out or a scanned copy. Chewah!!! Bwahahaha!!!

  4. Paul – You got read properly ah? I just put a note in case LKS wonder who is this crazy woman who left so many links on his comment mah. I reminded him I am the lenglui who took pics with him and introduced myself as a blogger. Hahahaha. *slaps self* 😆

  5. Terence – Do the maths lah. 67-43. Not only leng lui, sweet young thing thimmmm….UWEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    Paul – No problem. I sked later people think I tembak mah.

    Mocha – Really ah? *sked…watch door for SB*

  6. Mocha – Ya, that one. I damn proud being referred as pandangan sinis.

    Ada juga penulis blog yang sinis dengan langkah yang cuba dilakukan oleh Shabery. Penulis blog http://www.chanlilian.net mengingatkan pembaca blognya tentang kenyataan daripada Shabery

    To those who don’t understand : Sinis means cynics, not sinister wokay?

  7. Woi! If SB comes knocking on your door, don’t say you know me hor. Thanks.

    SYT???? Tiu lor, there goes my lunch. UWWWEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! Ptui!!

  8. Thanks, Kak Lilian for all the good words you have put in for MM. Will give you a copy of MM when I’m back in Penang this weekend. You go, woman! 🙂

    soleilinas last blog post..Visiting Grandma

  9. 😯 fuwaa Lilian is no longer the 5xMOM….she is now the celebrity 5xMOm!~~..hebaattt

  10. sujend – It’s not the first time lah, I seasoned liao wan. Hehehe 😳

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