The above is not a question from me. But it is a letter by Prof Dr M Tajuddin M Rasdi (May 9, 08 4:54pm) quoted in Malaysiakini.

Prof Dr M Tajuddin asked :

So parents, please, wake up. I send this message to YOU. The NS director-general is not going to listen. The political leaders don’t seem to care. So it is up to US. What should we do? Never mind the trainees are Malays, Indians, Chinese, Kadazans, Dayak, Iban or what-have-you. They are all OUR children.

And I wish to reply to Prof Dr M Tajuddin.

We are a nation that has no voice. As a blogger, and a very vocal and courageous one, I did ranted about it in September 2007. But what do you think I can do? When the NS started, I remember this Malay boy who skipped it. The police hunted him down, put him on the front page like he is a banduan, pengkhianat negara. The poor boy merely had to earn a living to feed his mother because he was making ends meet.

That was many years ago. All of us parents are cowed by such things. Over the decades, our balls have shrunken. We have been robbed off our voices. Left and right, we have the ISA and scary shits like those looming in the shadows.

Why? Because our irresponsible mainstream media editors have brainwashed us. Sometimes, I wonder if we are living in a communist country or do we have a voice like the Americans? I was involved with the bereaved parents group in the USA and they are very active. They have mothers against drunk driving, they have parents group for suicide children, they have every darn thing, including campaigns to prevent deaths at playgrounds. They sue their Government. They sue every backsides. They implement laws to protect children. They go out and do something. Why? Because they have all the mechanism in their favour.

Over here? Nurin Jazlin uncle started the Amber Alert type of missing children. We have our general election and Nurin Jazlin is now forgotten. Sharlinie will be forgotten too because our police are too busy merampas lilin.

Over here? If we are not UMNO/MCA cronies, we have no voice. If we seek help from our Opposition party, we are view as troublemakers.

My eldest son was not selected for NS this year. In another two years, it will be my second son’s at the Russian roulette. Then, four years later, my third son and so on until my fifth son.

Do you think I do not wish to tell them to STOP THE DEATHS AT NS CAMP? I want. But who am I? If I do it too actively, people will definitely say, “Aiyah, she is trying to pamper her sons to be pondans lah.” I know. Because our politicians usually use this tactic. So, I do not want my sons to be labelled pondans because I have the nobel desire to make a change. I am selfish. I wont’ do it. I am waiting for others to do it.

But I know others won’t. Not even if they are the ones who are directly affected by it. So, Prof, I am as angry as you.

So, let me tell Lee Lam Thye:

Mr. Lee, when you left DAP, you were in tears. I watched that on TV and I thought you are the greatest hero. I didn’t know DAP struggles then. I thought you made the right decision to strike out on your own to do good for humanity. You are still doing good. But, Sir, you cannot do it alone. Go back to DAP and claim your balls and greatest hero suit and help us. It is more effective then. Then, you aren’t pressured to continue the NS. You can tell someone’s wife who supplies the uniforms, “Sorry lah, you are out of bisnes. Maybe you can start making XXL female banduan uniforms?”

Niamah, sorry I ranted out of tangent. But I have every right to be angry, worried, furious because I have three more sons on that Russian roulette.

I may not have the ability to initiate anything. But if there is any protest, call me. I will buy a few dozen eggs and pelt at Lee Lam Thye. Egg protein is good for hair growth.

P/S : Fong Po Kuan is issuing a motion to stop NS. Now, I wonder how many of our Sinisters from the cabinet has children in there? Oh wait…the random, computer selection detects KKN too. (you don’t know what is KKN? Ask Lim Kit Siang)