This question is for the ladies

Let’s say you have a fairygodfather with a magic wand in front of you.

He can make princes out of frogs.

He can also make ugly things disappear. E.g. your MIL, Sami Blue Bulu, that zit on your face and your hairs.

So, let’s say you can only choose one part of your body to get the hairs removed permanently. No, this is not brazillian wax job or eyebrows shaping.

Parts like your ketiak OR gorilla back OR upper lips OR legs.

Will you choose a part that is most prominent but small?

Or will you choose the biggest area? You know lah, like accountants, they will measure the surface area and find one with the biggest surface area.

So, which part will you choose?

Faster, faster tell me.


And if you are male, I don’t want you guys to feel left out too. Which part of hairs on a woman’s body is the most unattractive? NO 18SX description or I charge you for sexual harassment. Only visible parts of the body when a woman is wearing normal clothings, ok? A hairy leg, a hairy armpit, mustache (upper lips), sideburns, arms…..Where?

21 thoughts on “This question is for the ladies

  1. Fine misai is okay..

    It’s a contest between ketiak and leg hair HMM WHY MUST ONLY CHOOSE ONE

  2. Kuzco – Fairygodfather ran out of credits. LOL. I will reveal in the next few days.

    agnes – I lucky, born plucked. I no misai oso. Correct or not ah? You met me before mah. šŸ˜Æ

  3. I will choose leg hair!!!!!!! I can shave my armpit hair whenever it grows. I got super long leg hair and it’s so tiring to use Veet on them and no wax, kamxia. Damn sakit.

    So if to lose it permanently, leg hair please. So, fairy godfather exist? If he does, tolong tolong, leg hair gone. Ketiak I settle sendiri. :mrgreen:

    Ping Pings last blog post..Which will you choose?

  4. Ping Ping – Use depilator last longer. Damn sadist wei, when the machine pull the hair like that. I hate the cream cos need to wait for a long time and my kaki bulu suddenly seems to become so gross when it is mixed with the cream.

  5. I think the hairy armpit will put me off for sure especially those ladies who wear sleeveless t-shirts. It also stinko man…phew

  6. Ketiak hair! Coz I’m pretty hairless in all the other regions. Would be interesting to hear views from the men. Lilian, please send the fairygodfather my way…tenkiu šŸ˜€

  7. Lucky I don’t have ketiak hair..! i want my few kaki hairs to be dissapear forever. Hate to plucked few hairs every 3 days..

  8. Depilator sakit boh…ya la..damn gross..and I wait in the toilet till my leg all kebas..cuz my leg tak muz like jengket a bit..and then kenot walk everywhere cuz later the cream stick here and there..

    Ping Pings last blog post..Which will you choose?

  9. this is just a matter of personal opinion,

    i can live with ketiak, leg or ciu ciu…

    but if i see long thick hairs fr the nostrils of either sex, it jst put me off completely…

    there u go.

  10. hmmmm… half leg needed but since got fairygodfather ..full leg then šŸ˜† ugh… bad image of hairy fairy godfather in pink tutu and wnad..AAAARRHHHH hahahahahaha ( solly.. early morning no breakfast yet , brain is not working right hehehe)

  11. any excessive hair on face or leg or ketiak!

    lubang hidung besar macam meriam kalau tak trim mesti pengsan liao!

  12. armpit hair! don’t care whether it’s just stubble or little fine hairs or full blown fatt choy bush… it’s still gross to look at…

  13. LOL, where got women with nose hairs lah? You think Popeye cartoon kah?

    kopi – But there are lots of perverts who like armpit hairs wor.

    azhan – Macam meriam? You got great imagination. LOL

    romantic – No lah, fairygodfather wear those skin tight bicycling shorts. Bwahahaha

    JT – Yerrr…I never notice people with nostril hairs wor. But men with moustache and all the janggut damn macho mah?

    Ping Ping – Sakit jugak but at least one big sakit rather than plucking. You ever plucked bulu kaki? Damn painful until lembik the knees.

    kadusmama – Yalah, when got few bulu kakis, I dem conscious, dare not wear skirt already.

    Elinny – Hahaha, remember Gillian Chung? :mrgreen:

    caroline – I wish there are lots of fairygodfathers to pass around lah.

    anak penang – The jungle got no circulation LOL

  14. Assuming she is really hairy (very obvious and dark coloured hair) everywhere la (Thank God most women don’t) then my order would be

    1) misai
    2) arm hair
    3) ketiak
    4) legs

  15. i choose armpit~ smelly, hard to pluck, annoying after it’s shaven, beh tahan nia *gross*
    waxing and using the epilator on the legs aren’t that horrible as straining my neck to pluck out those armpit hair šŸ˜›

  16. Hmm…that is a very tough question to answer, because I’m not hairy lor. But if the fairy-godfather insisted on choosing ONE exposed part of the body, then I’d choose the misai lor…to pluck it, super painful, to wax it, lagi painful, to thread…won’t even think about it!

    So when is this fairy-godfather coming lar? šŸ˜†

    Lil’ Ms Pinkys last blog post..Of kids and mimicking

  17. šŸ˜† lilian friend’s hubby loves armpit hair leh. Not sure abt d pervert part, but it seems that nook hor..turns him on all d time wor.

    For me hor, aft plucking my armpit hairs 4 moe den 30 yrs now, almost botak liao lah. So if faleygodfater is ard he can come mow my hairy legs šŸ˜›

    ROs last blog post..Vandalism in School

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