Let’s say you have a fairygodfather with a magic wand in front of you.

He can make princes out of frogs.

He can also make ugly things disappear. E.g. your MIL, Sami Blue Bulu, that zit on your face and your hairs.

So, let’s say you can only choose one part of your body to get the hairs removed permanently. No, this is not brazillian wax job or eyebrows shaping.

Parts like your ketiak OR gorilla back OR upper lips OR legs.

Will you choose a part that is most prominent but small?

Or will you choose the biggest area? You know lah, like accountants, they will measure the surface area and find one with the biggest surface area.

So, which part will you choose?

Faster, faster tell me.


And if you are male, I don’t want you guys to feel left out too. Which part of hairs on a woman’s body is the most unattractive? NO 18SX description or I charge you for sexual harassment. Only visible parts of the body when a woman is wearing normal clothings, ok? A hairy leg, a hairy armpit, mustache (upper lips), sideburns, arms…..Where?