Correct, correct, correct! It is Lingam after all.

Let’s welcome this piece of news on Lingam. Lest we forget.


My previous post on Lingam case. Lingam, sir, do you want to be a blogger like us? I read that Lingam is in Penang? I hope I bump into him. So, let me stare at the world biggest liar’s face a bit longer so that I can recognise him and take pikchures.

Now, I wonder how soon everything will be wipe off our memory?

7 thoughts on “Correct, correct, correct! It is Lingam after all.

  1. Wuah! Eye sore!! Too glaring!!!

    Lingam’s the biggest liar!!! Lawyer woh, such disgrace!!! He should be shot!!! Memalukan semua liar, oops, lawyers i mean.

  2. šŸ˜³ why cant view the video now!!
    one thing for sure…we will never forget u uncle lingam!!…ur more famous den siti nurhaliza now…celebrity lawyer!!hehe šŸ˜ˆ

  3. lawyers are liars, LOL! u know, those convicts oso can be proven innocent, asalkan ada $$$$$.

    and off-topic here. my uni hor got grand dinner for a programme. initially we invited a YB (that one jumped from MCA to DAP one after errrrrection)to grace the event, but the uni now tried to send a later to him stating that the dinner is cancelled (actually the dinner is still on, just that the reason given is THEY DUNWAN HIM TO BE THERE). in case u still mong cha cha, it’s political issue. I don’t know why hor in Malaysia, politics hv to intervene with such education institutions as university. *sigh*

    kyhs last blog post..A walk down Penang Heritage Trail

  4. kyh – They all memang busuk kaki. With primary school kids, they also show perangai buruk like this, now uni also like this.

    sujend – You never watch before meh? The famous Lingam’s devil curry from Comedy Court?

    kadusmama – I hate the previous left and right sidebar, I feel cramped.

    terence – Tiu, dun complain liao lah. I sienz of changing already. Blue mah, no nice meh?

  5. In the ‘Courts’ since medieval times, there are kings, queens and knights…and there are the jesters. VK Lingam is the worst wan among the worst lot, correct correct correct?

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