I wonder where is John?

This post is for my church folks. Thanks to for reading my blog.
And thanks to the special person who told me :

I enjoy reading your blog and it is interesting, passionate (about the
things you believe in), funny and real. you are good. i like the
diverse issues you talk about. and wouldn’t worry about the language
at all…you probably say it the way many would like to but may not
have the guts to do so. being ‘christiany’ ( a lilian c’s terminology)
is being real, being truthful…calling a spade a spade…styles may
vary…so what?? message more important!!

(Clay Aiken “Mary, Did you know?” with clips from The Passion of the Christ)

Back to my title, I wonder where is John? I asked our church’s clerk and she notices that he has not been around too. Anyway, I have three posts dated back to 2004/2005 which I hope to share with you and maybe you can share with others. (pardon some of the languages because back in 2004, no one reads my blog or know who I am so I have a freehand šŸ™‚ )

Who is John? (that’s my very old, original blog)

How some of us treat John. (back then, it was Monsignor Father S.L.)

Alone on his birthday

I hope these very frank and very ‘raw’ thoughts from me when I was just a year-old converted Catholic, having the eyes of a child will give insight to others in our interactions with the differently-abled persons.

So, hello, welcome and please don’t ever talk to me about embarassing stuffs I wrote when you see me in church. *runs and hides*

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