What happy mothers day?

I am always the notty-notty one because if I feel strongly for something, I will have the balls to do it. Many, many years ago, I drafted a list of things to pray for and emailed it to my church priest (Father S * I even have the email here in 2004) and told him to pray for these group of mothers because if anything, they are the ones who need it most than us all, the happy mothers. He told me he would. What I did can be seen as cutting through hierarchy. But who cares…

I forgot about this until today and I thought I can squeeze it at the last minute. So, I wrote a list :

Can we pray for these mothers?

1) Mothers who are abandoned by their children;
2) Women who are longing for children;
3) Mothers whose children have returned to the Lord; (I have friends who dreaded this day because they are parents but no longer have their kid. My prayers for you, Dr. D)
4) and mothers who are battling illness and are rendered helpless in taking care of their kids (when I see someone in her wheelchair with her four kids, it always break my heart)

But unfortunately, I was too late. It wasn’t part of the ‘schedule’ because there is already a prayer for all mothers. I am a little disappointed. I am totally, absolutely, geram-ly disappointed. To me, what good is all the pomp and pageantry and joy and roses and gifts and all the smoke and all the ‘imports’ when we cannot fit in to think of these mothers and remember them for the pain, sufferings and loneliness they feel on this so-called Happy Mothers’ Day?

So, yeah, big deal it is a happy mothers day. Sad mothers, lonely mothers, suffering mothers, disappointed mothers and any other women who are infertile, you shall have to wait. Tomorrow is our happy mothers special day.

**OK, end of rants. No one is to comment on the above personal rant, ok?**


Now, regular post, ok?

So, my church has a fund-raising event, selling overpriced roses and teddy bears.

Usual lah, get into the compound, kena from left, right and center, “Lilian, come and get your roses.”

Me : Never mind lah…later *grins fakely*

My #2 and I went in first and were seated. Aiyoyo, sweat…..all the other women have bunches of it worrr….

Then, my #3 son came and asked me if he can go and buy a sandwich (after his cathecism class). I gave him fifty bucks and told him,

“Nah, go get your sandwich and then, buy one rose. Get some small changes or else I have no money to give for offerings.”


And my #2 lectured me….

“Hah….peer pressure lah. Submit to materialism. Why need roses to show the love? We never show love any other day, issit?”

I retorted, “HOI! I am your mother or you are my mother ah? You see, they got flowers mah. I don’t have, mana mau taruh ini muka? If not, people later say I kedekut never support their funds raising mah…Cilaka lu”

(two priceless joys and two overpriced teddy bears)

My #2 son somemore rub it in….”Chey…..you so kiasu lah. What people have, you also must have.” Last last, kena 2 x RM15 teddy bears and 1 stalk of rose ‘cos my two kids fought over one teddy bear.


Anyway…I took damn cun photos today. My #2 is assigned to be the Youth Group orrrhhh-si-fail photographer. But he needs to take video and photos. So, I pun help him lah. The 100 photos I took all dem cun. You know why? Because my cilaka sensor in my brain caused all the photos to senget sebelah. The right side is higher than the left side. Hahaha, cos Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father mah….(CHS photos over here)


18 thoughts on “What happy mothers day?

  1. NIAMAH!!

    HAPPY NIAMAH’S DAY TO YOU! Eh, next month I 1st time NIAPA day leh. Bwahahaha!! Or is it NIALAUPEK!!! Bwahahaha!!!

  2. Terence – You wait and see lah, sure kena Hainanese typhoon for not doing something special on behalf of your dotter. Sure wan….

  3. That’s one thing about churches. Peer pressure. If you question the Bible or have your own opinion AND be vocal about it, you’re an out group. The pressure of roses and mother’s day celebration is a vicarious effect. Sorry if this doesn’t sound right to you. I am in no way against Christianity though.

  4. dear 5xmom…. some day i want to be a mother just like you… so cool, so chio (even at 40!)… and so sporting summore! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Happy mothers’ day to you! :)))

    correns last blog post..Tables turned

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