No, it isn’t me (Hindraf, Indian, ISA rants)

Anti-ISA rally: 4 arrested in Penang

Four persons were detained, including a blogger and a woman activist, during a 45-minute anti-ISA demonstration in George Town, Penang this morning.

No. It isn’t me. LOL. But seriously…I am pissed with news like this. I mean, come on lah, why ISA here, ISA there? Are they really threatening the security of the nation?

Why then, the group of people protesting in Gelugor where Karpal Singh’s DAP office is don’t kena ISA? Why why why why why? They carried big big banner somemore.

And MIC Youth, you all so free, go defend Hindraf lah. Didn’t your Sami Bulu already terang-terang said he support Hindraf and demanded for their release, especially the ailing Uthayakumar? I cried when I read about his plight. I cried when I read about the other detainee who went to visit his four years old dotter in the hospital. I am Chinese. I am nobody and yet, I feel for them. You all so free, go do something useful lah!

Karpal Singh can take care of his own old tiger’s ass. The Perak Royalty will know how to deal with him. Go jaga Hindraf, not cari pasal with Karpal lah!

MIC Youth: Karpal erred in law

DAP chairperson Karpal Singh had erred in law by citing a case that was unrelated to Islam and using it to criticise the Perak Sultan for ‘interfering’ with the transfer of Perak Religious Department director Jamry Sury.

And yesterday, when I read the handwritten press statement from Manoharan, I shed a tear too. He even submitted his ten questions to Parliament. Niamah, if he can do it, why did the rest of the MPs failed to submit on time lah? Yang Berhormat Tuan Manoharan, I tabik sama you. God bless you.

Again to MIC Youth and all the parties who are supposed to fight for Indians’ rights but failed to speak up for the ISA detainees or prevent more from getting stuffed in jail…… but go barking at Karpal’s tail , I want to say NIAMAH……but since you probably don’t understand what NIAMAH is, can I *whisper* pundek! LOL, I don’t know what pundek means but I know how to scold since I was a kid. I am Malaysian mah, I speak muhibbah language.

11 thoughts on “No, it isn’t me (Hindraf, Indian, ISA rants)

  1. They should use the ISA on those bastards whom create racial/religious tension among Malaysians. But if you are BN member, you can say any shit and get away with it.

    Thats the current government for you. Sigh.

    If Pakatan ever rule this country, don’t abolish the ISA yet. Throw those buggers in and let them taste their own medicine. NIAMAH!!!

  2. Aiyah.. we rant so much still nothing can be done cos Barisan Niamah still in power.. when is DSAI stepping in? I read Wed got some katak going to lompat liau.

  3. Paul – I saw the link left in MT but I didn’t find out. I hope it is true.

    terence – You read the BM version and see?
    Niamah. Don’t know how true Msiakini is but that looks like a very biased thing. That BK Ong memang anti-everything, met him before. So, the police prolly waiting to get him. Hindraf protest, Chinese kena. They clever mah, take Indian, they sked. Tiu, my ‘thing’ no action jugak.

  4. ISA is an internal Malaysian law to combat the situation whre there is a threat to disturb the peace of the country. This is purely an internal matter of Malaysia so seems to be sensitive issue too. Malaysia is a multi racial country and ISA is a tool to keep the country peaceful.

  5. Hey.. that’s what I think of BK Ong too from what I’ve read (saw him on his bicycle sometimes but never spoken to him b4)… He seem to always see negative side of every issue nia. Any protest in Penang most likely you’ll see him there. sometimes you have to give credit when credit is due ma., not just kutuk kutuk kutuk nia..

  6. Apnaavenue – Well said!

    But I need to react like someone who once showed me how he reacted to people who supports the ISA. Roll the eyes, twitch the mouth and DOH! Too bad I don’t have beard and long hair. 🙄

    and just to let you know, I took out your URL because I don’t believe in horror scope.

  7. Agnes – They will not want to learn.

    Paul – Ya, BK Ong memang pelik but I guess we are lucky to have people like him to anti everything for us because not many of us care enough or dare enough.

    kopi – Reminds me of those cartoon, like Tom and Jerry when they want to detonate …ermm…you know lah. Dare not finish sentence.

  8. True.. Someone needs to do it, I wouldn’t want to do it, so I’m thankful someone’s doing it for me.

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