It is Pentecost today which is also my church’s feastday. I think feastday means the birthdate/anniversary of the church. (correct ah?)

So, we have a big makan, inviting our friends from the neighbourhood to join us for nasi bryiani.


The hall, classrooms and even the corridors were packed with people. Fuyoh, I wonder how many they cater to? Must have at least 600-800 people.


Even our parish priest have to turun padang to serve drinks. Hehehe. The above is Father Fabian Dicom. I asked him, “Eh, Father, can change the orange juice to wine?”

He said, “Can. All I need is just a little more faith.” (re the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned the water to wine.)


We have a lucky draw, with prizes donated by Pensonic and all proceeds from ticket sales go to the new church building in Sungai Ara, Penang. Seen above on the right side, the lady in black blouse holding lucky draw box, is our world champion squash player, Nicol David’s mom, Anne Marie. She is the most wonderful woman. Friendly, humble, devoted to the church, taking care of the children’s cathecism classes, help to take care of our youths and practically does everything in her free time. God bless moms like her. There is no magic formula for bringing up world champion like Nicol David. Anne Marie told me just let the children grow, pray for them and everything will turn out fine. Once we give them a solid faith foundation, they will be alright.


My little boy with the other children having fun with balloons on the stage. The future of the church. My boy was so excited about the lucky draw as I have 6 tickets (sold to me under duress LOL). He keep mumbling the numbers, 8118, 8118, 5836…….. The first number called was 8116. So, he said,
“Hah, 8116 then, 8117, then 8118, then we win lor”.

LOL, too bad darling, the world doesn’t work this way. So, I didn’t win. Not even the lollipops with roses which are consolation prizes. Poor darling.


So cute…..He was so disappointed he didn’t get the stand fan, he was almost in tears.

Next episode, the red shirt housewife and the red shirt housewife-labeller….Fuyoh, I got the pics (taken by Charles’s camera). So niceeeeeeeeeeeee. Guess who am I talking about?