I watched the TV3 news a while ago and the three men panel have completed their report on the inquiry into the spycamera used to to capture Chua Soi Lek’s personal friend rendevous. Ok lah, Chua Soi Lek sex tape, remember?

So, the reporters asked Sak Cheng Lum (wuah when he becomes Tan Sri ah?) about the report but Sak Cheng Lum said the 3-man panel, consisting him, Michael Chen and Roger something have to submit the report back to the person who instructed them to investigate.

However, TV3 mentioned several MaChais names including Ong Ka Ting, Liow (not sure which Liow) and that pig-god who was a total moron in one of the political forum held in a church in PJ. Nay…pig-god, chee pak kuay, tu pak kuai, you know who lah…..I think even Donald Duck grieves that his ducky good name is spoilt by pig-god.

Potong stim only. So, we won’t know who is the culprit until Ong Ka Ting finished editing, rephrase, re-hash, re-write (insert more verbs) it.

Meanwhile, our super stud herrow Chua Soi Lek was interviewed too. He is still damn lansi ler…

But the main purpose of this blog is not to bring to you the TV3 news. My man was grumbling. “What stupid people. Instead of condemning the real culprit who committed the thing (we don’t use sin, ok?), they go after the camera man pulak. No doubt the camera man is wrong too….. But the real culprit is not innocent either. Why was Anwar prosecuted so harshly but this high profile minister came out full of arrogance?”

Yay! At least my man see that it is a downright embarrassment, wrong-doing, public shame (insert more names) to be screwing around. Now, I can sleep better.

So, you married men and single men out there. Who is CSL to you? Pick 1-5

1) Your hero
2) Your future superhero
3) “When I grow old, I want to be like CSL!
4) I want to ask CSL if he has more viagra supplies
5) “Don’t disturb. I got more Personal Friend series to watch.”

And married women….Pick one

1) KNN, cilaka scumbag
2) I am so thankful I am not his personal friend, boring wei.
3) Was he monitoring the nationwide healthcare stats or something from his laptop?
4) Speaking in Hokkien dem geli hor?
5) (fill in your own)

Single women…Pick one

1) When I grow up, I want to be AYam!
2) When I grow up, I want to find a sugar daddy like CSL
3) I will never marry, everrrr…if that’s how wives are treated

Disclaimer : No offence to CSL’s fans, ok? It is my personal opinion only. You are free to screw. Enjoy! And remember to watch out for spycam, ok?