Random stuffs that pissed me

1) Parents casually sit on their bikes or stand chatting with each other outside the school gates while their 7 – 12 years old were singing Negaraku. If I am the headmaster, I will bring the cane outside and whack them. HOI, hormat sikitlah!

2) I may not remember the exact Rukunegara percepts but I still can lafaz somewhat. Can you? I bet most Malaysians cannot. So, go and memorise them lah.


3) I am so thankful I never have to drop any kids at school each morning or my life will be shorten by 10 years. You CANNOT stop your car in the middle of the road, without giving signal, open the door, take your kid across and walk back.

4) People must not honk me at 6 am in the morning because my mind hasn’t wake up and reflex is slow. So you slow-slow wait till I get out to the busy Jalan Air Itam. Your honking only caused me to purposely go at turtle speed.

5) And why the hell do I wake up at 6 am? Because I was angry at the wrong thing for the wrong reason. Serves me right. I spent a total of 30 minutes in the car, 28 minutes somewhere and ended up with more things to rant. But then, what’s my blog without some rants, right?

8 thoughts on “Random stuffs that pissed me

  1. Sabar!! Sabar!! Later wrinkles come out how?
    Comment according to no.
    1)If i were you, i will whack them too. We should respect out national anthem mah. If cannot stand properly, at least diam2 until song finished lah.

    2) I still can recite Rukunegara. Baru 11 years out from school.

    3) No comment. Belum experience yet.

    kaDusMamas last blog post..I was with Spiderboy yesterday.

  2. *keeps quiet at the corner*

    Rukunnegara? Apa itu? #2:Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan negara:PM/BN don’t agree with Ruler on MB appt. #4:Kedaulatan Undang-undang: Correct correct correct. #5: Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan: MPs in Parliamahment.

  3. Foong – Yalor, some of these parents really tarak akai wan. She never put signal, never anything, suddenly lompat out of the car and terus jalan across. That’s why so many parents kena trapped their younger kids before mah. They went down, leave the small child inside, the child lock the car, they cry outside. LOL. I live next to school, seen enuff liao.

  4. buaya69 – Hot Gucci mommas mana bawa kapcais lah? But my hubby drop the #2 son with scooter lah. So much easier.

    terence – Oh itu Babi Nasional? Hahaha. I just follow examples mah….

    kadusmama – You never need to drop kids in primary yet school, tak tau sengsara yet.

  5. Barisan Niamah has replaced the 5 Rukunegara with 5 Rukun BN:-

    1. Kepercayaan kepada $$$.
    2. Kesetiaan kepada Bodowi dan SIL.
    3. Keluhuran rasuah.
    4. Kedaulatan Korek Korek Korek ($ rakyat).
    5. Kemonyetan dan kesyaitanan (in Parliament).

    Am I being seditous? Sue me, all u cockledoodling suckers!!

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