The housewife and the Chief Minister of Penang

Yay! ManU wins! So, wear red lah!

The housewife and the CM of Penang

Wuah…same shade of red worr……bwahahaha.

Thanks Charles for this photo which is my desktop of the moment. And nice meeting 9pek9bo. Thanks JeffreyChew (DAP Bukit Bendera pro-tem secretary) for the invite.

Updated : You may want to read this PGCC Biggest Land Scam by AnilNetto. Also this The Sun article on PGCC found on Malaysia-Today. Glad that PGCC sudah si-si khi liao. (my old post on PGCC)

21 thoughts on “The housewife and the Chief Minister of Penang

  1. when the page was loading i didn’t read the title properly and thought CM and HIS wife.

    mana tau your photo came out and i look at the title properly again. one day i will take photo title “the housewife, the CM and the Curly Hair Boy”

    CM flew Economy! caya lah beb, even ning baizura took photo with him!

  2. Auntie Lilian, Happy Mother’s Day! Though I ‘m a bit late =).

    Eh why TheStar didn’t publish this photo wan? I think this one photo looks nicer than Ning baizura wan!

  3. littlepolaris – Thank you for your wishes. Hahaha, cos I no celebrity like Ning mah.

    mistipurple – LOL, goal? šŸ˜†

  4. Woi! Wear lah ManU shirt! Apa itu WP pulak!

    Hold hands lah next time. Did you tell LGE about Albert and ask why the Polis is taking so long? Bwahahaha!!!

  5. Terence – Cilakak lu, what hold hands. But I still swooning from such comments he made yesterday.
    (all directed to our ex-CM and his bunch of swindlers)

    “You may be a nice guy, but if you are not competent, please-lah, step out of the way,” he said.

    “Show me you are on top of your job. You have been chief minister for 18 years. You tell me what are the consequences.”

    “You think you can ‘main-main’ ah? What are the consequences?”

  6. Eh.. how come you didn’t give the Ning pose.. tilted head and lean in a bit.

    LGE take picture with people always very standard pose one, hands by his side and grining showing all his front teeth. Probably scared if his hands were somewhere else people might get wrong impression. Eh.. this pic show he also got small potbelly hor..

  7. Paul – LOL, ok, I go practice my Ning Baizura pose and next time got chanz, I go camwhore again. Yalah, CM must betul-betul stand straight mah, if not kena like Pak Lah – Michelle Yeoh fitna, mah chialat.

  8. When see him standing like that..teringat pulak standing like school assembly last time. Heheee Straight like a lamp post like that..
    Anyway,Happy Belated Mother’s day to you..biar lambat asalkan i wish you!

  9. RO – Take a number and queue behind please. Hehehe. I think he is maybe not more than 5′ 7″? I am 5′ 6′. I should wear 3″ heels next time but I sked bila nervous, jatuh flat on my face. šŸ˜†

    kadusmama – Hope yours was a good one. Yaya, he very nerdy type wan mah.

  10. Giddy Tigress – This is my 3rd one liao wei. I hope he doesn’t remember faces or else he sure say crazy woman, how many photos you need to take ah?

  11. apalah lilian… 3rd one liau still look like first one nia.. no improvement. Must be inch by inch closer ma…. hahaha…

    just kidding nia hor..

  12. Paul – Wuah…I damn nervous, kancheong, paiseh and si-si-man-man wan lah. If Charles not there, I think I also paiseh go ask CM liao.

  13. U know hor, I every event also took so many shots of CM, but nv have a shot with him one..this time lucky u ask cm then onyl I got a shot wif him nia…

    Walao, so happy ler.thx.

    CharlesKeys last blog post..Back to basic

  14. Charles – aiyah, I should sell to you, RM10 baru give you one download. Hahaha. If you not there, I also dare not so gong-bin approach him lah. I use you do kambing korban only. Hahaha. Usually, CM is very friendly and accommodating one. Everyone who asked sure he stopped to smile. Not like last time CM. Got barricade worrr…kenot even get near, police sure blow whistle.

  15. 9pek9bo – So ‘couple shirts’ hor? :mrgreen: You notice ah? Our MSM dem biased wan, hardly can see any photo of our CM in the MSM wan. Unless it is a fight with housewives or some twisted tales.

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