I got some emails from a friend who received the mails from David Townsend, a friend of his. David Townsend works in Chiang Mai, Thailand and David has access to the cyclone hit areas in Burma. David has been there and is working with whatever resources he has to help the victims. David’s mail describe the pain, sufferings, hardships, horror, anguish faced by the victims and the situation in Burma .

It is a rather long mail, so I have bolded the paras of some of the parts that touched me most. I have also captured a screenshot of David’s profile as below :

David is a Jesuit priest and you can access his sites at :


Dear Friends,

It is a sad sight. To my eyes which have seen Tsunami, kashmir
earthquake, this is really overwhelming. Nature unleashed an orgy
of death and mayhem, wounding an already suffering population.

Yesterday, with tears in their eyes, women explained how the waves
snatched their babes from their bosoms. A mighty tidal wave
ensured that tears stayed on as the children embraced watery

As our boat moved along, a body of a five old boy driffed across,
child of a mourning mother somewhere, the boy drifting in an unknown
waters, waiting for a burial, unwept and unsung.

People do not have drinking water. As their settlments were crushed
into pieces, the decaying debris, in the water logged terrain
emanates deep smell. Food is not there. children were biting at
the coconut shells as we went in. Dead animals are spread out near
those debris. The people neither have the energy nor the will to
bury them. There were many refugees, living in roofless churches and
monasteries. Help has not reached them.

We are doing what is possible in Burma. Last two days we are
reaching out to the starving people. With disel prices skyrocketing
and not available, transport is still a problem.

There is still no electricity and water even in Yangon.

Burma is in deep mourning. The count as crossed 80000 and still
The majestic Irrawady was the mother to these people.
It gave them food, was the transport water way, serpenting
majesticallly through some of the most beautiful rice fields in
the world. The delta was an alluring beauty before Irrawady fell to
the evil charms of Nargis. The mother became the monster, the
beauty became a beast.

The lands and fields were ravished on that night. The people
will take ages to come to normalcy. That needs great fellowship,
not only in material needs.

I will keep updated as and when internet is available. Be assured
the people of Burma are grateful to every simple good deed.

In a remote corner, wading through slush mud, we reached a small
broken church, where famished refugees were waiting for outsiders.
When we reached there, they welcomed with gratitude and served a
cup of burmese tea, the only thing they could have.

For more photos please go to Free Burma Rangers (be warned that it contains graphics that may be overwhelming to some people)

God bless selfless souls like Father David and all those people racing against time to save the survivors. Father David has described that this Burma tragedy is worse than the Tsunami. Therefore, I hope bloggers will be compelled to highlight the needs of the survivors so that each of us can render some form of help.