Happy Moron’s Day!

I hereby declare May 14 as Moron’s Day. I have searched and Google and there is no Moron’s Day. So, I hereby solemnly declare that we shall have a Moron’s Day so that we recognise this bunch of people who makes us somehow feel like Einstein.

I have the authority to declare it because hiaks, hiaks, hiaks, I am on page two for Happy Moron’s Day over a post I wrote in 2007.

Therefore, let’s wish all the morons out there – HAPPY MORON’S DAY!

I am such a nice person eh?

**Disclamer : Blog owner is not responsible if blog readers decided to dedicate their wishes to morons and state their names here on my blog.

8 thoughts on “Happy Moron’s Day!

  1. I would like to wish Albert1951, KJ, AAB, Toyol, MAR, CSL, OKT, Samy, all in Babi Nasional, THAT fat spinster from Batu Pahat, those anonymous commentators dan lain lain (yes, you know who you are).

    Thank you for being moronic and make us laugh at you people everyday.

    Warning: Again, I didn’t mention names. Flame me and die.

  2. Wah!! I like this!! Got special wish one…
    Just want to wish all the moronic Q Jumper Drivers in Sg. Buloh, a wonderul Moron Day!!
    Thanx for making a hell for me to start my day!! You Guys are really a stupid moron with kopi lesen..go and learn properly how to drive car lah!!

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