“Dear, a pinch of salt also cannot? Doctor got say cannot meh? One tiny pinch will make a lot of difference. Somemore hor, if we have lack of sodium, we can get delusional. Sure cannot? One pinch lorrr. After all, they are giving him such big packet of liquid to clear his system.”


“He knows meh? Maybe if the food is tastier, he can eat more? Moreover hor, the mee suah is loaded with salt also.”


“Ok lah, ok lah…no salt. I put garlic ok? Or else the fish smells fishy. Somemore garlic good for cancer. And I put one drop of olive oil. We need oil in our diet. If they ask, you tell them fish natural oil ok?”

“I don’t know lah.”

“You ask them lah, why must eat the same meal everyday? Tell them, tumeric is very good for infection. Medically proven. I can go buy some fresh tumeric and prepare fish with it. Sure tasty and have healing property. Ask lah.”

“People say only mee suah and fish, with no salt or anything else.”

“Pepper and a bit of cornflour to make the fish fillet smoother, ok gua….”

“You ha…”

“Trust me lah…if given free hand to me, I sure fatten him up with my cooking. The doctor doesn’t restrict his diet, why must eat so little? I make some spinach, carrot and potato soup….Nicer mah…”

“Aiyar…so clever, you go ask lah.”

“Ok lah, don’t want suak-suak khi lah. People offer only mah…”

And today is the beginning of a long journey ahead. I am not talking about my own journey of cooking. Rather, it is a long journey to cancer treatment.

To those of you who read my Christian Journey probably knew the rant I made the other day. By sheer coincidence or the work of the Holy Spirit, the people asked me to do it the next day. I felt a bit guilty for the rant but that’s how I felt at that moment in time. So, it is brewing barley, some cooling Chinese herbs and other stuffs for drinks and cooking mee suah for the two meals.

My relative started radiotherapy today. I thought it is for his cancer treatment but the doctor said it is just to stop the bleeding from the kidney. He is now warded at the Penang General Hospital and the radiotherapy or (whatever they call the treatment which is to be done in Pantai Mutiara) is not part of the cancer treatment yet.

Both hubby and I have seen critical illness and death so the two of us are so cool about everything. We went to visit the other day (actually hubby is doing the running around, three times a day) and asked him to walk more but he is rather down and was lying on his bed all day. I do not know if it is frustrating for him or beneficial to him because both of us insisted that he should get up and walk around with his urine bag and all those drips because it will strengthen his muscles and gives better blood circulation.

That’s why I do not like to go too often because to me, nothing is too difficult. I gently explained that the catheter is in place and secure so he doesn’t have to worry too much of dislodging it. But it is hard for the patient because it is a big whack on his life.

So, my dear friends, pray that he will regain the mental strength to counter the weakened body. I really do not know what the future holds for him. He had to stop the treatment at Adventist because it was getting too costly. However, on the positive side, our Government Hospital is rather well equipped and if not, they refer to Pantai Mutiara (at Gov hospital cost). Maybe I should thank Chua Soi Lek for these facilities.

His children have been informed, btw.

Ok, Florence Nightingale is going for her rounds. Ta ta!

P/S : Suggestions for diet/meals/foods for cancer patients who are undergoing radiotherapy is most welcome.