Pak Lah, we beg you to release P Uthayakumar

This is something I picked up from Malaysiakini, supposed to be the letter from a mother to Pak Lah to beg for the release of her ailing son from ISA detention. I am going to put it up because I can feel the pain of a mother’s worries. If you are a blogger too and wish to make a stand, why not do the same thing? Copy and paste that letter? Certainly, we won’t be stuffed into ISA for supporting an ISA detainee? Or can they? So, sue me!

Pak Lah, I beg, you, please release my son
K Kalaivaniy | May 14, 08 4:17pm

YAB Dato Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi,

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

I am the 67-year-old and proud mother of P Uthayakumar one of Hindraf leaders detained by your goodself under the Internal Security Act. I write as the mother of Uthayakumar and on behalf of all Malaysian mothers who have been deprived of the love, care and attention of their sons detained under the ISA.

Only a mother who had raised and nurtured her son would understand the torture of forcefully being separated from him. Like me, there are many other mothers in this country currently being denied to be freely with their sons. On behalf of them, I write to appeal to you as a father figure of this beautiful country to immediately release them.

No mother on earth would condone her son committing an unlawful act and going unpunished but no mother would be able to digest the fact that her son is held for his political beliefs without being charged with any offence.

Like my son, many sons are being held under the law for their political beliefs or held on mere suspicion and without proof that they have committed offences. I wish to state that, like me, many mothers are suffering every day thinking of the uncertainty and unjust punishment and torture their sons are going through.

Many mothers are older than me and their days may be numbered. Every other day in detention is an eternal punishment to the mothers meted out by the country. Dear Prime Minister, let not a single mother leave this earth not being able to cuddle and hug her son for one last time.

I beg you on behalf of all mothers – be he a JI suspect, Hindraf leader or anyone – no mother would want to leave this earthly life with the burden of not speaking to her son one final time. On behalf of all I pray to the Lord Al-mighty to give you the utmost wisdom to see this great unjust committed on our sons.

I beg and appeal to you. Please release them and shut down the Kamunting detention camp.

14 thoughts on “Pak Lah, we beg you to release P Uthayakumar

  1. Heard the Hindraf 5 appeal got thrown out by the Federal Court.So guess the PM is just as arrogant and the loses in GE was not suffiecient to wake him from his slumber.SIL is just as arrogant so guess we should do more next time we can vote !

  2. Separation from loved ones is always painful what more an elderly mother. I have experienced the loss of my father without seeing him for the last time prior to his demise. That was the wake up call for me to leave the civil service 16 years ago and there’s no regret leaving ‘thanks’ to the bureacratic red tapes which prevented me from getting a transfer back to my hometown after serving more than 5 years in one of the remotest places in Peninsular Malaysia. A by-product of the Barisan Niamah gomen.

  3. TQ for an interesting post to aid citizenry thinking.

    May I post an extract of your post and publish in my website and direct my readers to read your full post.

    fyi, we publish selected blog posts of the day to help give multi perspective viewpoints to our readers.

    Thank you.

  4. imagine this –>
    killer of nurin is captured and detained but his mother go write letter like this yadda yadda yadda to PM.
    Justifiable? :mrgreen: come on now…
    criminals/ISA detainees shud be detained behind bars dun care how sick is he/his mother/his uncle’s grandchildren/his neighbour’s mistress is.

  5. tze tze fly – Before you open your mouth, please find out who is Uthayakumar, why he was detained and how the ISA is different from the normal jail. They are totally different, one is detained without trial and Uthayakumar went to ISA because he was fighting for better lives for Indians/Hindu. Is he the same as a criminal? I think the Government needs more wise people like you to rule our country. Please go and apply to Pak Lah.

  6. anakpenang – The frustrations is they are being kept without trial. If the Government can prove their wrong doings, then, tell us and we shall leave them alone to face their trials. But after the loss of confidence the whole nation had with the legal system, it pains us to see injustice.

    BEH – Last night hor, our IGP si peh lansi. He was on TV1 and said, “Mana ada keseksaan di ISA?” He said something like that lah, denying there is no hardship in ISA. I was like WTF? You mean all the while Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim and many more were lying to us that they had a hard time in ISA?

    Bryan – Before the election, the children wanted to present Pak Lah with yellow roses and a letter from the little girl to Pak Lah to ask for the release. Pak Lah doesn’t even give face, if I remember correctly, they got water canon instead.

  7. Lilian, all of us are to be blamed including me for being hoodwinked by the Barisan Niamah Monkeys & P#kimaks (MPs) for donkey years. I voted for BR this time around. I hope the BR will drive the BN pariahs out and immediately abolish this inhumane suffering act (ISA).

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