I have a special post dedicated to the YOU out there. Before that, I write for my regular readers first.

Let me post this Aerosmith song ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’ which is the song from the movie Armageddon from one of those unforgettable movie about end times.

David Cook American Idol winner
#1 sang this in the Top Three Finalist in American Idol season 7. The Youtube video is available for embedding but I prefer Aerosmith big mouth and his wicked witch look. Without doubt, David Cook is going to be the American Idol season 7 winner.

Now back to my title. Hey, you! Yes, I am talking to you.

I am not talking to the ones who visit my blog every day and leave comments.
I am not talking to the ones who visit my blog once in a while and feel fine reading whatever they happen to find on that day.
I am not talking to the ones who read my blogs, like them and tell me personally.
I am not talking to some of my silent readers who never post comment here but they do write to me personally if I ask for some help or info.
I am not talking to the ones who happened to stumble here.

I am talking to you.
You who detest me and yet, silently read, without fail, three to four times a day.
Not only the main post but the comments, keeping updated on who have commented and who have not.
I am talking to you who silently lurks around to pick up something that you deem to be ‘bad’ about me and then, walks off sniggering happily with the satiated and satisfied feelings like “Lei sui chor….tai sei, padan muka, serves you right, you evil woman, bad karma.”

Yes! You the silent, lurkers whose sadistic joy is to enjoy getting dissed and then, asked me to fuck off on my own blog and said you are never coming back. Yet…why are you reading this, you moron! Catch you, didn’t I?

And eheh, am I good or what? One day Moron’s Day, next day Silent lurking hater day. Kreakkk ptui!