RM15.6b to improve broadband and I say improve my arse

So, I read that our Government and Telekom is going to spend RM15.6BILLION to improve broadband.

Porrah, improve my arse.

Some police personnels have never seen a thumbdrive and does not even know what it is.

Some police personnels want to ‘kita kena rampas buat sementara sebab bukti ada di dalam’. WTF? I am not the suspect, rampas buat apa beb? Copy masuk komputer kamu sendiri lah! My thumbdrive costs money and it has all my other stuffs inside.

Some big police stations do not even have internet access.

Some states, like Penang does not even have cybercrime unit! WTF.

And I bet a big majority does not even know or even care to learn how to use the internet.


Stress nyer….

I am not bull-shitting you guys. I swear to my internet googlegod this is true. The next time you think you want to pursue something related to cybercrime, I tell you, you have better chances going to some Thai black magic. I bet it works much more effective. E.g. “Oh master of Thai blackmagic, please put a curse on some pervert so that his kukujiao shrinks to to the size of a lizard tail.” It works faster, more effective and won’t kill you with the stresses of following-up.

Anyway…..like the song goes, “I did my best, but my best wasn’t good enough…” I shall leave it to Divine help.

Please don’t speculate or guess what/who I am referring to. Don’t you dare to mention any names. But just know that this is the kind of frustrations people who try to find help gets. *go bang head on wall*

My point is – Spending billions of Ringgit is pointless. Giving first class infrastructure to …….. I do not need to complete the sentence, you get what I mean.

13 thoughts on “RM15.6b to improve broadband and I say improve my arse

  1. Yalor. Can’t even blardy maintain a consistent 1Mbps!!! Customer service centres are fark up. Technician takes days to come. Improve the current infrastructure 1st lah only talk about billion ringgit mega project lah!!!

    RM15.6b??? How they come up with that figure lah??? Everything are in the billions now. WTF!!!

  2. My gosh… With that kind of investment how much of the cost is going to be transfer to users…

  3. These past 50 years, the powers that be have achieved a lot … a lot of white elephants. Mindless records broken (read Malaysian Book of Records), big huge buildings (why? penis envy syndrome ar), longest crooked bridge project (with the price of steel so bloody expensive, mischievous people are stealing even galvanized steel struts, nuts and bolts), tear down Heritage buildings to build new age funky buildings that doesn’t blend aesthetically to the surroundings. People have Eye of London, you also want Eye of Malaysia (heard they relocating my-Eye to Malacca to sit side-by-side with the one at Melaka Raya).

    Now they wanna give RM15.6 billion to TM to improve broadband ar? Read the last paragraph of the article where it says TM wants to upgrade copper to fibre-optics. Haven’t they been doing that for the past 2 years? Coz that’s the excuse TM gives me every time I complain my line so damn bloody KNN slow. You all imagine la pay for 1 Mbps but get speed 128 kbps, where got meaning. Some more I throw stone also can hit the TM hub from my garden!

    Lilian, you hit the nail on their stupid heads la. The polis can’t even type properly, read Patrick Teoh’s Niamah! blog. Minister say wanna improve telehealth delivery wor, basket go Govt clinic for stomach pain they give you panadol, for cirit-birit they give you panadol, go for menstrual related pains they prescribe medicine retracted from the market due to it sitting on the dangerous drug list for 3 years already. How like this la. How many of you go clinic or hospital you see got computer on the table? Even if got, its one of those with the very canggih LCD screen and if you move the mouse a bit, Solitaire pops up.

    Who gonna provide the computers and related services? I’m sure some XYZ Enterprise (created overnight – since ROC launched their e-service already) will get the tender ma. So many, side effects to one stupid statement; just to placate Joe-public. I think they still think we’re leaving pre-1996.

    Geralds last blog post..Firefly or Too-tired to fly

  4. Gerald – Type? I sendiri type faster, no need to vomit blood.

    My ex-company supplies fibre optics and copper cables including sub-marine cables to TMNet, my husband ex-company did the installation. And we too don’t know where the improvement is.

    Bryan – Want to ciak, ciak pa-pa mah….Instead of nasi campur, now go for buffet.

    Paul – That’s right, don’t even let me start on the money spent on computers to help with Maths/Science changed from BM to Eng. Now, 6 years later, they want to change back. Arrggh..

    ipohchai – Yalor, like hell bank notes liao.

    terence – You notice or not? Lately, every darn thing costs billions and we have rice shortage!!!

  5. Every 10-15 years or so; or at every PM change, we inevitably roll back to agriculture sector ma. Every PM got some title slapped (err.. accredited) onto his name. Bapa this, Bapa that.

    All these ministers talk billions, where they think the billions gonna come from? Drop from sky? or grow on trees. I think better instead of open land in Sarawak to plant paddy, better plant pokok duit la. Then everyone can eat goldleaf (some people say good for complexion, forgot who dy)

    Geralds last blog post..Firefly or Too-tired to fly

  6. Yalor, public services department people also not so competent in internet. Some government web sites not funstioning/outdated/offlined. What a strange proposal? Can make but cannot maintain or be better. Want to blog some more. 🙁

    Agnes Tans last blog post..+WonderMilk

  7. Hi Lilian,
    Our Gormen really talking Crap. After what I have gone through with TM Streamyx Combo for 4 Mbps and failed, they now want to talk 1,000 Mbps! Ptui!
    I have also blogged about it today and showed the average world’s Broadband speed. Fastest now is Japan at 60 Mbps. Malaysia at 1,000 Mbps? Da bull!!!!

    Cheers and Regards,
    Birds Talking

    donaldghtans last blog post..Talk about Elephant’s Crap!!!

  8. malaysia boleh? boleh my ass….
    luckily i dont pay tax in malaysia, if not… i will put a torch and burn the telecom HQ down myself. Telecom has monopolised the market far too long. it’s time to open up the residential telecommunication market. i remember the home phone line got putus so often until i decided to communicate using 2 tin susu and a piece of string…. more reliable.

    1000Mbps? kkrreekkkkk….. ptui (adapted and improved fr lilian)

  9. talking abt speed… remember the times when the fastest was 28.8kbps via a modem..!! how did we manage to live then……o we really need more than 20Mbps in real term in the real world? use it for wat? video conferencing? (i kinda like the noise/grain in the picture..makes me look more eng-tau aka handsome) how many porno do you really need to download in a day ? yr heart can take meh?

  10. looking at the promotion steamyx giving already disappointing me. why now and not before when people already enjoying high speed internet connection.

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