So, I read that our Government and Telekom is going to spend RM15.6BILLION to improve broadband.

Porrah, improve my arse.

Some police personnels have never seen a thumbdrive and does not even know what it is.

Some police personnels want to ‘kita kena rampas buat sementara sebab bukti ada di dalam’. WTF? I am not the suspect, rampas buat apa beb? Copy masuk komputer kamu sendiri lah! My thumbdrive costs money and it has all my other stuffs inside.

Some big police stations do not even have internet access.

Some states, like Penang does not even have cybercrime unit! WTF.

And I bet a big majority does not even know or even care to learn how to use the internet.


Stress nyer….

I am not bull-shitting you guys. I swear to my internet googlegod this is true. The next time you think you want to pursue something related to cybercrime, I tell you, you have better chances going to some Thai black magic. I bet it works much more effective. E.g. “Oh master of Thai blackmagic, please put a curse on some pervert so that his kukujiao shrinks to to the size of a lizard tail.” It works faster, more effective and won’t kill you with the stresses of following-up.

Anyway… the song goes, “I did my best, but my best wasn’t good enough…” I shall leave it to Divine help.

Please don’t speculate or guess what/who I am referring to. Don’t you dare to mention any names. But just know that this is the kind of frustrations people who try to find help gets. *go bang head on wall*

My point is – Spending billions of Ringgit is pointless. Giving first class infrastructure to …….. I do not need to complete the sentence, you get what I mean.