Tiu lor, since when is throwing bombs becomes just a mischief in Malaysia?

KNN, I saw the news on Malaysiakini last night but thought Msiakini probably was trying to be funny by quoting :

Ketika dihubungi, seorang anggota polis berkata, kes tersebut dalam disiasat dan sehingga ini tiada sebarang tangkapan dibuat.

Menurutnya, kes tersebut diklasifikasikan sebagai “merosakkan harta“.

So, I waited till today to get the news from our very “reliable” MSM :

Perak CID chief Senior Assistant Comm (II) Ismail Yatim said the case was being investigated as mischief by fire with intent to destroy a building.

True enough. It is just a mischief as quoted by The Star. Now, throwing homemade bombs is considered a mischief and damaging properties. I guess if we compare with C4, it really is kids’ stuffs.

Then again, let’s say the building that is damaged is not DAP’s office but ‘the other’ building, I bet it will be threat to national security and the police will be swarming all over. Whoever did it, will be stuffed into ISA.

Ini dipanggil dahble standard, tuan. Lu ingat main-main kah?

On another note, too bad I don’t live in Perak. I think Ngeh is so much more handsome than our CM here. If I live in Perak, probably I will be chasing him for photos.

And to the bodoh punya orang who threw the three molotov cocktails, lain kali aim cun-cun lah. Don’t keep us guessing if you are targetting DAP, the mamak restaurant downstair or you were just trying to bomb the mynahs and crows on the road.

14 thoughts on “Tiu lor, since when is throwing bombs becomes just a mischief in Malaysia?

  1. I never thought the “other” one is so childish lor. ALl the arguments and stuff. Come on la, it’s may already. Stop treating and threatening us la. Sikit-sikit stuff you into ISA. If this continues, another 1825 days, the “other” will be minority d. People will get sick of them and their pembodeks. -.-

    Ping Pings last blog post..I have no patience!!!

  2. siao liao …. almost like telling the rest of them go ahead… it’s no biggie…. šŸ‘æ

  3. This thing they call mischief ka? I remember about 2 years plus ago, my company’s ex-employee had some salary related misunderstanding with the company, so they pandai-pandai go set fire to some old furniture in the back balcony. Last-last I heard, they all still in behind bars and still scared to pick up ‘dropped soap’.

    Anyway, back to the ‘mischievous’ incident, maybe the mamak shop downstairs sell rice to expensive or the service no good. So they go throw cocktails la, and then when lining up for the throw, both trip on the uneven road surface or leg masuk lubang, so the projectile went higher and further than intended la. From this incident, Mamak shop downstairs get free publicity, sure can see some stupid tabloid do write up and take picture and interview mamak shop on rice price hike.

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  4. Gerald – Itu lah, all those politikus batu api here and there, pasal karpal here, karpal there, these people cannot make rational reasoning one. And the police die die brush it aside. Lately, the UMNO is inciting hate. I haven’t got into my super tulan mood to diss them for injecting fears by twisting facts about my church. If you like, you can see PEMUDAUMNO.ORG. Few days ago, there is a post. Soon, it is not just DAP/mamak accidental cocktail, it will spread. And this not threat to national security but little Indian girls delivering roses to Pak Lah is.

  5. bryan – Really chiew cheng they cannot aim simple thing like that hor? Maybe DAP got kuan koong pou yeng, threw it back out? šŸ˜†

    kakiayam – Close file, not enough evidence. Biasa lar

    kopi – Setting precedent just because it is not some place they deem important.

    ping ping – Yalor, after GE I also got so much things to rant. Never ending.

  6. mischief?? really crappy from the police. this is arson!! a serious offence! the culprits and the one behind this must be caught!

    Aaron Tans last blog post..random

  7. Cool! Throwing Molotov Cocktails are classified as mischievous act!!!

    *hides in garage and prepares dozens of them to throw around* Bwahahahaha!!!

  8. If throwing homemade bombs is considered mischief by fire ..then using C4 must be mischief by firePOWER nia lor!

    Where is this nation heading? Anyone wanna dance the BohNowland Chacha Shuffle with me? Ok..let’s go…2 steps forward and 1 big jump backwards!

    9pek9bos last blog post..Kiasu In BohNowland!

  9. Wei.. how can you sworn #1 fansi of LGE say he now #2 liau…. wait he jealous no more 4th pic with him then you know… šŸ˜ˆ

  10. KNN CCB … WTF … Green forms got sumore … LOL .. Rather stay back and wait to kick those ARROGANT and still ARROGANT arses OUT !!! Still feeling shiok kicking Mamak Mydin back to NST … šŸ˜†

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