Blardy hell, I know it is a weekend but hor, this one sipeh pekchek. If I don’t rant, I lagi tulan.


EC chief: Cabinet rejected indelible ink
Soon Li Tsin | May 17, 08 12:48pm
Election Commission chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman today dropped a bombshell by revealing that the cabinet had rejected the use of indelible ink in the March 8 general election on the day Parliament was dissolved.
He was ordered to take the rap
Abdul Rashid: It cost me dearly

You remember the indelible ink? First, they say got smugglers who smuggled the indelible ink. Then, they give excuses that these smugglers (which without saying is referring to the then opposition parties like PAS, DAP and PKR) were out to sabotage the 12th general election by marking those uneducated, bodoh folks before voting and hence, cause threat to national security.

The idea was scrapped. So, we were fooled (actually who so stupid to believe them lah) that there is this shipment of ink bought by the Barisan Niamah government/Election Commission which were probably lying around some warehouse.

Today, the EC Chairman, that monyet face spill all. He said in the first place, the cabinet never approve the idea and left him to take the blame. Do you remember the press article where his monyet face along with the AG and IGP (ok lah, something like that, I am just quoting from memory) looking sombre and told us that the indelible ink have to be scrapped due to the smuggling.

KNN, I farking hate being lied to. And today, memang padan Barisan Niamah lost the election so badly. Ini karma. Ptui, thank goodness the opposition parties won so many states. I hope they enjoyed the slap.

Next time, hire a political strategist lah, bodoh. You think you are running a kindie meh? We are not little kids, so easy to braff meh? Aptulashit, I want to sympathise with you for being the fall guy but too bad lah, I hope you rot in hell. Someone in your position, the trust given to you should never, ever betrayed the whole nation. Remember, you work for us, not Barisan Niamah.

Now, I teach you how to run the country lah:

1) Sack Aptulashit, the EC chairman, AG and IGP for lying to us
2) PR take over the balance of the states in Malaysia
3) Then, we live happily ever after.


Now, on to another unrelated matter. OMG, last night, I went to sleep around 2 am. At 3.18 am, I woke up with a jolt and I thought it is morning already. Then, I went back to sleep. Then, I woke up with a jolt again. This time, I dreamt of Lim Kit Siang. Sei for! He even uttered his famous quote – for justice, integrity and freedom (something like that).

It was somewhere in the hospital and a nurse was talking to me while someone was beside me. Then, the nurse told us about some double standard (like not going to give treatment to someone) and that’s when Lim Kit Siang (who was sitting beside me) stood up and said that.

So, you say lah, why do I dream of him?

1) I am stressed out from seeing sick people every day
2) I have a secret crush for Lim Kit Siang (laff till fell off chair, and climbs back)
3) It is a prophecy that I am going to be a DAP member next time (NOT! I don’t want to be their liability or they, be my burden)
4) I sapu semua, anak pun mau, bapa pun mau. (laff till fell off chair again)
5) I really need to check in Hospital Bahagia

The second time I woke up, it is already 6 am so I pun pigi do some holy stuffs before I totally go chisin. My relative has been given the green light to undergo surgery but they have no space in ICU yet so he is still on the waiting list. However, his abdomen is rather swollen and I hope the liver has not flared up too much and makes his recovery even harder.