My post has been too depressing. Let’s see what I cooked for dinner yesterday.


Chicken with leeks, carrots, button mushrooms, cauliflower, onions, garlics and seasoned with dijon mustard and brandy.


After roasting for a while, slap a few pieces of frozen puff pastry. Sprinkle with mozarella cheese and glaze with egg.


Make some four cheese mashed potatoes and serve.


Tadaa…nice eh? Chicken RM12, vegetables and seasoning RM8. Pastry and cheese RM3. Sweats and drools – bucketful.

Now, who wants to marry me? Please leave your Swiss account number in the comment box.

15 thoughts on “Foooodddd

  1. *drools*

    You want my Credit Suisse or UBS account?

    Woi! Why the hensem poll don’t have my name??? :mrgreen:

  2. terence – This post not direct to you wan lah. Nay…go tell UNCLE Kit. On second thought, I think I will propose to the pope. More chikik like that. :mrgreen:

  3. wuching – Shhh…don’t let Terese read this hor? When? As soon as you remit the few millions USD I asked.

  4. bla dy hel….. home made nandos somemore….

    u want us drown in our saliva ah…kanineh

  5. walaueh.. dint know penang ca bor so pro in cursing arh.. feel proud of penang.. so long never see liao

    keep up the good work ah lian!

    (bumped into this blog while searching for news about EC inky)

  6. ooooooooh noooo!!! so high with cholesterol! but should be no problemlah if the food taste good. as the tv commercial says, there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, taste good food of course full with good cholesterol.

    hey auntie lilian, can you balkis account number or not?

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