It is only 9.40 pm and I am awfully sleepy. I think I will go to sleep now. Wonder why my body clock seems to be screwed up? I had napped twice today and in my afternoon nap, I even dream of LGE! Swear. I was going to Sunshine Supermarket and he was there to opening ceremony something. So, I ran to take pikchures again. *sweats*

Yesterday, I was at Tesco, sitting down at one of the food court table while my son along with millions of screaming brats running up and down the play area. My hubby was in the supermarket shopping. BTW, I can never shop together with him because walking with him along the grocery isle is like bring along one of those smart consumers loud speaker.

He remembers which supermarket sells which thing cheaper and he knows which brand is cheaper at which supermarket. Arrggh…I hate that man. Before I could grab and throw some items into the trolley, he will go ‘Sunshine sells this cheaper or you should buy two, Sunshine’s price is much more expensive’ Arrggh..I hate you!

Anyway, back to the playground area. I sat there for a while to observe that my son is playing well and then, I get soooo sleepy. So, I do a Pak Lah act. You say chialat or not? Right in the middle of a busy foodcourt with hundreds of screaming kids and I nodded off.

So, good night.

Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists.

I need to sleep ‘cos I am attending a half day seminar starting at 8 am. I don’t want to go and do Pak Lah act in front of Martin Jalleh or else he will be awfully worried that he is boring (which he is not, of course).

Now, I wonder who am I going to dream next?