10:29 pm – Tremor felt in Penang

Earthquake alert.

Not very long, but enough for everyone to notice.

My #3 son who was peeing even opened the door and told me, “Mom, earthquake. My piss fly all over.”

Did you feel it?

Earthquake Details (source)
Magnitude 5.9

* Monday, May 19, 2008 at 14:26:45 UTC
* Monday, May 19, 2008 at 09:26:45 PM at epicenter
* Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones

Location 1.646°N, 99.181°E
Depth 11.6 km (7.2 miles) (poorly constrained)
Distances 45 km (25 miles) E of Sibolga, Sumatra, Indonesia
220 km (140 miles) SSE of Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia
325 km (200 miles) WSW of KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia

24 thoughts on “10:29 pm – Tremor felt in Penang

  1. was surfing on the bed. felt the bed moving… thot hallucinating… but it does, for a while… location=shah alam

  2. dragoncity – The earthquake is moving closer to us. 😈 Now, the epicentre was in Tawau, I heard.

    superweightkoalabear – Wuah, that means really got strong wan.

    bryan – Some of us more prone to feel it than others. Usually, in my house, only a 2/3 of us feel it while the rest don’t.

  3. Yes, I felt it too and I live in a 6 storey apartment in Kota Damansara PJ. I was surfing the net about 10.29pm and then suddenly my sliding door started to rattle. But it was not a very strong tremor here in KD and lasted about less than 10 seconds or so.
    Raja Hanim
    Kota Damansara

  4. Yes – was on the chair, surfing the net when i realised my chair was moving. Btw, I’m in Ampang, KL.

    For a sec, i thought there was a big mouse pushing the chair!

    My friend in Sri Petaling felt it as well.

  5. yeah… feel it just now… when i was reading blogger’s blog… im shaking and a bit pening lalat… it is normal for me as im always in japan feel it everyday…

    the earth quake make me remember of china earth quake… and their feeling against the shake…. 🙁

  6. i think my cucu’s cucu may not hav much time left on this earth. bizarre weather changes, even more bizarre human bahaviours are becoming more and more common…. end of the world lai (come) liau.

    there was a small earthquake not too long ago in london, happened at around midnight, was in bed.. woken up by the sound of the wardrobe doors banging. for 2 seconds… i tot… mati liau, now really i see ghost, 2 seconds later.. i tot again, it cannt be, there is no such thing as kui (ghost)…. my brain then whispered to me if it was the next door neighbour having a ‘good time’, i said… wah lau, he is not that keng man! only then i tot it could be an earthquake, asked wife.. ‘r u awake?’ she replied yes… i frowned.. ‘why did nt u say something earlier, i tot i saw ghost’ got up opened the curtains, trees still standing, no cars crashing… i know i knw… i c too many disaster movies but i was hoping to see some actions like ppl coming out etc
    first time… unexpected, a bit takut….even a big man like me. (ssshhhhuis…don tell ah)

  7. No news on any major tragedy, so I hope it is a mild one. But you know what? Since the tsunami 2003 earthquake, we are getting this a lot. The epicentre of the earthquake is moving closer to Malaysia. 😯

  8. Didn’t feel anything also. But I very si bak one. So far I’ve only felt the one that caused the tsunami in Acheh. Other all bo rasa.

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