Initially, I wanted to make a car sticker with my blog URL. Then, I suddenly realised that I am inviting people to scratch it. LOL, kena bomb nanti.


So, I pestered my son to make me the reflective iron on. This son of mine hor, we don’t know spent how many thousands of RM to feed his passion, i.e. making reflective stuffs and yet, he took a long, long time to make just one miserable sticker for me. BTW, he imported the stuffs from China. Then, he hand cut the iron on and make caps and shirts. He can even sew those hip-hop don’t-know-what-they-call suspenders using reflective strips. Terror leh? He works on them with his friend/bro’s classmate, Sui Thong and they have a site at


So, now I have two t-shirts with my URL.

(tiu lor, I didn’t know my hair so brown and so curly wan?)

Now, I am waiting for *someone* to make a silk-screen of my blog URL (correct term ah?). After that, I can mass produce and give-away free 5xmom t-shirts. Hehehe. Only XXL sizes and above.

**Message to #2 – You see lah, I missed so many photo opportunities to promote my blog URL. Missed the photo with CM. Now I must go chase him for pictures again. First, make one “I am CM’s #1 fansee” Maybe, you can also make one with “I am with stupid” and I go take pikchures with BN’s politicians as well.