I hope I don’t get pelted with rotten eggs for wearing these t-shirts

Initially, I wanted to make a car sticker with my blog URL. Then, I suddenly realised that I am inviting people to scratch it. LOL, kena bomb nanti.


So, I pestered my son to make me the reflective iron on. This son of mine hor, we don’t know spent how many thousands of RM to feed his passion, i.e. making reflective stuffs and yet, he took a long, long time to make just one miserable sticker for me. BTW, he imported the stuffs from China. Then, he hand cut the iron on and make caps and shirts. He can even sew those hip-hop don’t-know-what-they-call suspenders using reflective strips. Terror leh? He works on them with his friend/bro’s classmate, Sui Thong and they have a site at http://www.spectrumreflectors.com/.


So, now I have two t-shirts with my URL.

(tiu lor, I didn’t know my hair so brown and so curly wan?)

Now, I am waiting for *someone* to make a silk-screen of my blog URL (correct term ah?). After that, I can mass produce and give-away free 5xmom t-shirts. Hehehe. Only XXL sizes and above.

**Message to #2 – You see lah, I missed so many photo opportunities to promote my blog URL. Missed the photo with CM. Now I must go chase him for pictures again. First, make one “I am CM’s #1 fansee” Maybe, you can also make one with “I am with stupid” and I go take pikchures with BN’s politicians as well.

21 thoughts on “I hope I don’t get pelted with rotten eggs for wearing these t-shirts

  1. i like!!! can i have one too???

    something like the Hooters tshirt i black with the reflective sticker would look really nice on me..im sure it wwill boost traffic to r web too…hehehhee!!

  2. Bryan – chanlilian.net for Pee Em. LOL

    choonie – See how lah…if using silk-screen, can print easily.

    agnes – Hahaha, he did until sienz liao lor, wait he contracts out first.

    karen – The reflective ones are hand cut so it is very tedious cos my son printed it and then, cut it one by one.

    paul – Hehehe, yes lor, dem ‘yim-chim’ with his works somemore. Somemore ask me, “eh, ma, you sure you got the right baby from the hospital? Why you cannot even sew a button, I can sew with a sewing machine.” :mrgreen:

  3. eh i want one! chanlilian wan!

    then i want to make monkeytartersauce one too!

  4. ooOoo… your son got future become successful entrepreneur lor… your t-shirts are very attractive. The next time I’m in Penang, I’ll keep my eyes peeled and who knows I might spot the famous 5xmom! 😀

    PS-> Your hair damn cun lar.

    correns last blog post..Stuck

  5. Foong – Maybe not the Juvanex. I got something better to prescribe. In-laws. Lots of them to stress out the fats. But HOI, what kind of fat were you thinking lah? Hahaha.

    Thanks for all the other comments, I busy, kenot find time to sit down and slow reply one by one yet. Soli hor.

  6. wahhh…. good la have ur own t-shirt with ur blog url there… hehehe… i want to print mine too… if free t-shirt… ur fansee can get free one????? 😛

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