Tukar channel lah, Tun M and Pak Lah, oi

Dah bosan dengan wayang ni. Drama macam ni serupa dengan drama kitar semula Latin Amerika yang RTM 1 tunjuk masa tengah hari untuk suri-rumahtangga yang bosan dok kat rumah.

Ketua merajuk, ketua tinggalkan rumah.

Lepas itu ketua menangis tersedu-sedan, hingus meleleh, kata cukup sakit hati tengok rumah binasa.

Dua tiga hari kemudian, ketua balik jugak sebab tak ada tempat berteduh.

Last-last sekali, dua musuh berpelukan dan berciuman dan start episode baru.

Frankly speaking lah, Tun M. I think even your respectable children cannot understand your moves. You are all out to destroy Pak Lah, that we know. But in the process, you made so many racist remarks that are enough to make Malays paranoid that the rest of the world are out to turn them into slaves. You are not doing a service to your own race because you implanted so much fears into their minds that they are second class, they have no more rights, they are no longer masters but slaves.

You condemn Pak Lah and his cabinet. But eh, as far as I now, the last almari buruk was the peninggalan kamu. Sisah tangan Tun M. Nay, Semi Value, Kak Pidah, LKY dan lain-lain, were from your dinosaur era. So, how can you blame Pak Lah bulat-bulat?

I am not Pak Lah’s fan but serious…..there are bigger problems in our Malaysian lives. Like my favourite chocolate’s price increased from RM7.90 to RM9.99. Like this, I will die of kebuluran akibat kekurangan zat cokelat yang memberi saya fikiran waras.

Stop the wayang!

Dah bosan. Tolong tukar channel. Ada video-video seks lagi?

17 thoughts on “Tukar channel lah, Tun M and Pak Lah, oi

  1. Yay. 1st KJ called PKR Project Khinzir Raksaksa. Then BN become Babi Nasional. Then KJ become Khinzir Jantan.

    Now the main Malay Political party main sandiwara. Chinese say Hantu lawan Hantu. WTF!!! Niamah!!!

    The earth is suffering from typhoons, earthquakes and global warming. These people have nothing better to do than sandiwara. Caya lah!! MALAYsia Boleh!!! Niamah!!!

  2. well, anyway … we malaysian has been ruled for 32 years by an idiot leader, who practices cronies, created corruption, and favours “sobs sobs” story … so sad, so sad … sad for myself !

  3. now mahatil resigned, what will his god daughter do? tht tau pui po cried like a monyet last time. anyone knows if there has been any prosecution in the AP scandal?

  4. šŸ˜† Over here he’s regarded as the Malaysian clown as he’s always spewing nonsense. Its better to be considered an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt, Why cant that guy retire in peace, feeling impotent maybe..

  5. Hello..Latin teledramas got cute sexy babes ok.What has this drama got.Kak Pidah ,Kak Ijat ,Azalina ,Nooraini?
    Please la don’t insult the Latin dramas.I get high watching those dramas.This sandiwara what do I get?Nausea only la…uwekkkk…

  6. ahahaha my favourite cokelat also seems sudah naik harga! but anyway i’m getting bored with all of these political drama after the election..its like watching drama melayu..over and over again it is about wealthy malay families fighting each other for wealth then suddenly ada babak2 cinta yg klise..bla bla..yeah much like the current political drama..pls we want something new! lol~

    khairuls last blog post..Last Night Passed Already

  7. Oh no wonder la you cakap macam orang kurang siuman.. rupanya dah jadi keparat yang tak dpt supply dalam otak yang biol tu.. Pity you. Racial card not being raised by Tun, it was there raised by your own people when you guys (non malay) were so paranoid abt the keris. If we want to fight, we will use the gun la, not the keris.. look at the comment by non malays in Malaysia-Today, non stop calling us malay with various ugly names, malas, otak jarang guna, melayu bodoh etc etc. Hindraf is another case.. so this has been happening since Tun resigned.. do you why?? because our belt is tight now due to economy is bad. Everybody is restless and start blaming each other for survival.. During Tun’s time you could buy your chocolate to feed your happiness, tht’s why you are now so paranoid and blaming the whole world but ourselves.. šŸ˜•

  8. Em… I think jutawan has got everything wrong there. Unless he/she was trying to be funny, in which I don’t get the joke at all.

    Dr M has been rather “senile” lately, because he’s been SO focused on getting at AAB, that he’s put everything else as “secondary”. Including the public.

    His most recent remark before quitting UMNO was about the Hindraf memorandum that said “Malaysia for Malaysians”, to which he said that this would spell the end of ketuanan Melayu, and other races will take over.

    He’s a sad man today.

    Michelles last blog post..ISA detainee tortured, wife lodges report

  9. Harap-harap Jutawan does not make his million from being Konco or kroni of the corrupted. :mrgreen:

    Memang menjadi kebiasaan sandiwara politik Si Chedek torturing his deputy or successor.
    I think he enjoy it all the time. KESEMUA yang diangkat sebagai timbalan Si Chedek itu sendiri kemudian hari pasti pula dijatuhkan beliau.

    From Musa Hitam to GhafarBaba then Anwar and now Pak Lah.

  10. hidupchedet…ni sume adlah manusia-manusia yang tidak menghargai pembangunan & kemajuan yang dihasilkan oleh pemimpin ulung…ingatla semua..israel yg di akui bijak dlm Al Quran pun takut kat pemimpin kita ni..apsal la pemikiran korang sume dangkal sangat..kesian kat korang sume..

  11. hye disgusted…nga wat pe 2?msti tgh jual pucuk paku tepi jln kan?..x pun jual petai..u dudk kt dlm gua ke dlm hutn..mcm mane lar u ni bleh ckap 32 thun msia di tdbir oleh pmimpin yg idiot..if deporng reaaly idiot,,i thnk dah lama dah u pkai cawat tau like the tarzan..mereka lah pemimpin yg tlh bwa msia ke arah mju skang ni..nak ape lagi..u ckp dia idiot,of course u the most idiot then them..troklah pmikirn msian skg ni..MULA2 CKP IDIOT KAT PEMIMPIN NEG,PASNI AGKNYE CKAP IDIOT KAT PRNTS PLK AGKNYE…U R SOOOO DISGUSTING

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