If you have read someone’s blog for a while, you sort of think you know the person behind it. Sometimes, we got it right. Sometimes, we are totally out. I have read some really engaging blogs but the bloggers in real life are a bit off from my ‘prediction’ or rather expectation.

Then, there are bloggers whose blogs really represent them. So, I do wonder, those of you who met me before, am I very far off my blog’s persona or am I just about there? Of course, I don’t speako any Hokkien bad words, wokay?

The other day when I went to the Bukit Bendera DAP service centre opening, I saw 9pek9bo with Charles. I immediately feel ‘wuah, lucky, got some familiar faces, not the usual DAP guys’. I have never met them before but from reading (mostly) 9pek9bo’s blog, I can sense he is quite the cool dad to his two sons.

And true enough, he is. I don’t find father and son with that chummy bonding that often. You can tell from their body languages that they really easy-going between them,none of those ‘I father, you son, you must respect me like one’.

Finally, I get his ok to put a tiny pic here. Charles took the photo for me while I took Charles photo with the CM. In all the excitement, Charles and I forgot to take pictures together pulak. Never mind, we wait for DAP Jelutong service centre to open, we go free makan again. All of us have what Foong call ‘DAPititis’.