When a blogger meets another blogger

If you have read someone’s blog for a while, you sort of think you know the person behind it. Sometimes, we got it right. Sometimes, we are totally out. I have read some really engaging blogs but the bloggers in real life are a bit off from my ‘prediction’ or rather expectation.

Then, there are bloggers whose blogs really represent them. So, I do wonder, those of you who met me before, am I very far off my blog’s persona or am I just about there? Of course, I don’t speako any Hokkien bad words, wokay?

The other day when I went to the Bukit Bendera DAP service centre opening, I saw 9pek9bo with Charles. I immediately feel ‘wuah, lucky, got some familiar faces, not the usual DAP guys’. I have never met them before but from reading (mostly) 9pek9bo’s blog, I can sense he is quite the cool dad to his two sons.

And true enough, he is. I don’t find father and son with that chummy bonding that often. You can tell from their body languages that they really easy-going between them,none of those ‘I father, you son, you must respect me like one’.

Finally, I get his ok to put a tiny pic here. Charles took the photo for me while I took Charles photo with the CM. In all the excitement, Charles and I forgot to take pictures together pulak. Never mind, we wait for DAP Jelutong service centre to open, we go free makan again. All of us have what Foong call ‘DAPititis’.

17 thoughts on “When a blogger meets another blogger

  1. wuching – Hahaha, then I 100 times.

    beng beng – Yes meh? Wuah, next time I make the photo 100×100 pixel, then, I lagi slimmer.

  2. kadusmama – Garang? Takde lah, I cuma garang online.

    HH – Wuah, I always post my pic wan. See until want to vomit already.

  3. some says i look like richard gere, the other day hor, 1 street sweeper told me i have Tom cruise’s charisma. my pal Halim even commented that fr behind, i look just like Brat Pit…….

    but how come my wife always say i look like a pile of horse excrement…. who is telling the truth!!???

  4. 9pek9bo – I pretend I didn’t see this comment hor? Next time I ‘chia’ you kopi-kau.

    JT – Hahaha, the wives are always right.

  5. wizurye – Remember to chia me worr…Later JeffOoi forgets, I dunno where to put my face liao. šŸ˜³ DAP service centers opening where got need wear pretty wannnn…Wear red karer can liao. You go ask CM what karer he wearing lah, I follow also. šŸ˜†

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