Hello! My name is Matthew and I am 5xmom’s number five. The pampered, spoilt, most photographed and most talk-about babe in the Malaysia blogosphere. My mommy thinks I am the most handsome boy in the whole, wide world, taking over the title from my older brother who received the title from the other older brother…..

My mommy uses child labour in this post because she knows I am better with describing something that I am addicted to – milk milk! She also wants me to confess that I am so addicted to my milk bottle. She says I am now five years old and shouldn’t be hook to my milk-milk.

So, let’s start again….milkoholic anonymous style…

Hello, my name is Matthew.
I am addicted to milk.
And I am addicted to milk served warm in a bottle with teat.

Of course, you should know that my mommy’s the breastfeeding advocate as she got her own breastfeeding forum and I am the product of breast milk, best thing in the world. That’s where I start my addiction from.

But mommy said she is not a cow and she dried up like a prune when I was 9 months old. I am a big eater so I need lots of milk to give me that rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, baby fats and the energy to chase after my big brothers who bully me all the time.

Few days ago, mommy saw the advertisement about this new milk Friso Gold’s hygiene pack and she liked it as she won’t have to dip her finger into milk powder for scoop. Plus, it comes with a handy level to ensure more accurate servings of my milk. She told my papa that he must buy a can of Friso Gold. My poor papa went to several nearby stores and only found it in Tesco hypermarket because it is a new pack.

My accountant papa read through all the labels, see the nutrients, check the prices and count how many servings in a tin and finally bought it home.

I needed my milk fix so my mommy grabbed the tin from my papa and we made a bottle right there in the living room. (Wow, it was great to see that my mommy could prepare my milk faster than usual! )

Now, my papa grumbled that this milk seems to be more expensive than my current milk brand. He said it is because it contains good bacteria, L.reuteri and 20 other beneficial nutrients. I will not fall sick easily and of course, remain happy every time.

I walk barefoot a lot in the grass when I am in the playground. I roll on the grass when I wrestle with my kor-kor. So, mommy said the milk will keep off those bad bacterias and germs. Me thinks she watched too many advertisements….but as you know, my mommy is always right so who dares to argue with her?

I finished my usual 4 ozs and I asked for another one. My mommy was jumping with glee that I am drinking good stuffs instead of coke.

My accountant papa is sweating after my third bottle and he is bringing out the calculator to count how many tins he needs to stock.

Now, mommy said I must stop using the bottle because I am going to kindie next year but I can still drink from the cup. Papa said I must cut down my intake from 4 times a day to only twice per day because rice, flour, petrol and even milk naik harga.

My mommy glared at him and said, “So kedekut!” Don’t tell my kor-kors but when it comes to me, my mommy has no price limit. She said I am the king of the house and I can have all the milk I want.

So, uncles and aunties, kor-kor and jeh-jeh, do you think my mommy should indulge me with more milk and let me have my milk-milk, four times a day, in a bottle with teats?

Friso Gold 4 is that good. As good as the warm vanilla my mommy buys for me when she goes for her coffee fix in the coffee joint.