A little lesson on p0rn for Munirah the anti-white blouse advocate

My blog buddy, Pablo who is also a lawyer wrote a lengthy post about the girls’ white school uniforms. It probably sets him off more than I because he has seen the real cases in the courts. So, let me paste what he ranted :

Perhaps Munirah and her association ought to go and study why is it that pre-marital sex, rape and incest is prevalent amongst certain communities in this country. Take a visit to the courts – especially in the rural areas. It is not uncommon to find some blokes being charged for rape or incest. It is an open secret. Moreover, just search in the internet for certain keywords with 3gp and a certain race in Malaysia and you will find a whole list of sites with homemade videos of young couples making out and enjoying their video shooting session. Of course, I am not trying to say there are no social ills amongst the other communities but there are. I am just saying that with this community, the problem is more serious that what it is made out to be.

Now, I do not totally dismissed that Munirah does have a point there. But let me bring her back to the times of Noah, or Nuh whom I am sure she can connects with. The verses are Bible verses found in Genesis or Kejadian.

TUHAN nampak betapa jahatnya manusia di bumi; fikiran mereka sentiasa dipenuhi kejahatan. Oleh itu TUHAN menyesal kerana sudah menjadikan manusia dan menempatkan mereka di bumi.

(from Al-Kitab)

See? Humans are inherently evil. They are full of lust. The men and the women are always thinking of fornication. (btw, there was once I was on lector’s duty and I had to read out fornication to a crowd of 500 in that sombre church of mine, phew…do you know how hard is that?)

So, we know the root cause is our human minds. We are built like this. And how do we counter it? With some moral upbringing, some religious foundation, some cause and effects and most of all, some awareness and admission. That we are lustful, full of evil thoughts and any wrongdoings will lead to punishment.

Munirah is trying to fight forest fire by sprinkling water. It won’t work that way, my dear. Just expose yourself to the internet, TV, media and even cartoon in the form of Anime. Nubile school girls in white uniforms with bouncy breasts and short skirts exposing their panties ARE ON ASTRO all day. Little kids as young as three years old watch them. That’s why I am always hovering around my younger kids and tell them it is NOT ok to glue themselves to lesbians and gays animes, students-teachers love affairs, perverted panty sniffing oldmen cartoons and such.

Face it, know what they offer and guide our children. Do not be fooled that the world is according to RTM 1. That’s where the problem starts from. Parents and the older generations who watch too much holy-moly, religious stuffs and thought the world remains on this axis. They are blind to the evil creeping into our society. They have no ideas what kind of stuffs their youths are devouring.

The fault is not the white school blouse but our ignorance and the lack of guidance we give to our children. If we do not know what is evil, how are we going to fight evil? The evil is the Setan. The Setan that constantly creeps around. Probably the Setan has misguided some parties as well, tell them to wrap up. And the more it is hidden, the temptation to unveil that becomes even stronger. Remember?

If God has not told Adam and Eve NOT to eat the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve probably wouldn’t be tempted. Now, apply this in our society. If we stop treating women like the forbidden fruits, bungkus macam buah cempedak, the men will be less inclined to taste it. I am not suggesting stripping them bare lah. But just chill a bit lah, don’t be so uptight.

Yes, there are lots of girls out there, trying to grow up before their minds are mature enough to handle the consequences. That I say is due to the lack of parental love, their needs for acceptance and being loved. As for the males, they too have the same kind of needs of parental love, recognition of their abilities and they need to be given the proper guide.

So essentially, yes, we have failed in fighting against these evils of rape, incest and premarital sex (in this case, it is what is call seks rambang, the wild kind) because we are ignorant, barking up the wrong tree and being too ‘latah’ (panicky). Educate ourselves and our children.

Do I have a suggestion to this white blouse issue? Hell no, do you know how hot is our country? That’s why we have white blouses. I was a prefect and my uniform was a white blouse and a white skirt. And I wasted so many years in school without ever realising that white blouse is titillating. *sobs* Wasted years. LOL. But thanks to Munirah and her uptight suggestion, now all the school girls will find more ways to be sex objects.

**My post is not meant to suggest that decent coverage of the body is not important. It is. But we cannot point finger that it is the women’s fault that sex crimes were their own doing.

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  1. When i read the news this morning, i only can say Fark!! Bodoh tadak otak punya orang. No need white blouse lah, those pervert sex maniac will even rape those wearing gunny sack. I have seen many of the 3gp in P2P involving mamat and minah doing their business in the jungle. Not that the minah wore white blouse pun.

  2. Well said, they obviously forgotten the point and instead of fixing the root of the problem, they find the easiest way out. Spend tons of money and then say oops!, didn’t work, let’s try this instead….for fark sake why are they always so bloody incompetant one!!

  3. foong – Yalor, it is the same type of thinking everytime someone opens their mouth. Might as well tie up all the girls’ breasts and never let them bloom hor?

    TOOLAN – Biasa lah…Like the idea of teaching sex education in NS.

  4. That is indeed a good piece written by Pablo. I’m sensing he’s Muslim? he’s indeed giving a fresher and open point of view of the issue. At least it makes the non muslims understand the situation too instead of making all this irresponsible and insulting comments about Islam as I’ve seen in other blogs.

  5. It’s bad enough that these girls/women become victims of such heinous crime. To put the blame on them is adding salt to the wound. I always believe that prevention is better than cure. The punishment meted out to these ‘beasts’ is by far too lenient. A more punitive and deterrent punishment in the form of castration should be used. At least, this would deter others from committing the crime and also no repeat offences by these criminals.

  6. I beg to differ in your analysis. Of course, moral education will help for those who have the fear of God within them, but there are many out there who are beyond the help of God. These people have raging hormones within them and it matters not whether their victims are completely shrouded from head to toes. I am sure you are aware of the many cases where rapists have preyed on lonely women who are more than 70 years old. The problem is very complex, but rapes can be reduced by more and effective policing and community self-help to keep a look-out for such criminals.

  7. Candima : Men are not born with raging hormones. It is the social conditioning which plays a big part on how they will turn out to be as they grow from a child to an adult. These so-called men with raging hormones are not born with raging hormones. You don’t see that kind of behaviour with kids. Much of it boils down to how parents bring up their kids.

    pablopablas last blog post..The Threat of the White Blouse

  8. pablo – Tks

    candima yu – How come your name sounds so much like that Hongkie’s actress? I do not know what anal-ysis you are talking about but that’s exactly what I am saying, no? Next time read properly first lah.

    anakpenang – Actually, there is very little publicity, as what my *friend* told me. There are lots of cases but they were not highlight for some reasons known only to the gahmen.

    terence – Maybe I must put a sign ‘Tidak ditanggung halal’?

    foong – Actually hor, our normal girls school uniform where got white blouse lah. There is the blue pinafore mah, correct or not?

    chandravati – If there is any bashing of any particular faith, it is probably due to their fears of being given a one-pill that fits all.

    pablo – As we say this, I just watched the news of yet another abandoned newborn. I think if the people in power who are serious in solving it, they have to start looking at the statistics and tackle it openly. It is a fact, face it, admit that we have failed and brainstorm. This falls on that CCBNYY ministry already. Nay, the one who wants to teach sex ed in NS?

  9. aya, it’s the same as saying ‘ if this world got no women, all this rape this and rape that will not take place….’ vice versa
    next time, scrap the cars…. so, ma no more car accident deaths lor.
    better, kill all human beings…. all problems solve.

    how stupid can 1 be. if u don open yr mouth, no1 wil know y r tht stupid….

  10. I agree with u. It’s only the Satan who is controlling our human mind. It’s our mind and the existing environment that creates such problems. IT starts with the parents.

    CYs last blog post..Siracha Zoo – Part 2

  11. I wanted to comment but then the more I think about it, the more toolan I get. Ever since GE12 all of a sudden everyone so lantang their voices. Not you all here, btw, just those ppl that lost. This not good, that evil… haiya when they were in school all those donkey years ago, this white blouse thing never crop up also.
    The one thing that strikes me as odd (well in our law enforcement agencies and mass media) is this, when they go raid a poultry farm (kai tao), then the next day the hoo haa in the newspapers you see the pictures of the ‘ladies’ being splashed all over the news. Where the customers? I have yet to see news clipping of customers being hauled up to court. Why like that ar? And then nowadays, a lot of these foot reflexology and massage places (I’m sure every housing estate has at least 3) are offering illegal ‘extra service’, bugger I went to one the other day, thought i could get relief for my aching back; when I inquired about the services, the old geezer asked me if I want special, I asked “what special?” (like I don’t know but act bodoh la). Then I asked him about the services that was plastered all over the wall, he answered that one for show only. Bugger you say la. Want to report also no use. Last time I report (anonymously to polis) about illegal kuda shop, polis came shake hands with kuda shop jaga after that sit down in mamak shop. Until today the kuda shop still in operation, the report was 1 year ago.
    Sorry again, hijack blog eheheh

    Geralds last blog post..GrabMyAdds – getting something for nothing

  12. That has got to be one of the most absurd finding written by one of the most shallow minded people I know! It’s not the uniform people, you can use a full suit with a kevlar vest even and you could get raped by these sex maniacs. Wake Munirah, look around you, find the root of the problem and please don’t blame the poor girls in those pinafore and white blouses!

    Nick Phillipss last blog post..Those Little Teasers!

  13. “Humans are inherently evil. They are full of lust. The men and the women are always thinking of fornication.”

    But God created humans. Why did He make them evil in the first place?

    Obviously, God did not know computer programming, else, all these problems could have been easily solved easily, thus:

    if contact(adam.mouth, apple) then
    days = attempts(adam.mouth)++
    zipped(adam.mouth, days)

    if contact(penis, virgina) then
    if registered(penis, virgina) then
    orgasm(penis, virgina)

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