David Cook- You better win the American Idol 7

David Cook wins!

8.00 am. The American Idol season 7 result.

The performance the day before was somewhat boring. David Cook sang songs that are his usual style without anything new. Meanwhile, David A is extremely mushy. Uwekkkk….I hope everyone votes David Cook as winner of American Idol 7 so that we don’t need to hear a Tom Jones with baby face. It seems so perverted! You know, a little kid singing one of those mushy love songs that made those bunch of housewives threw their panties at Tom Jones, kinda song? YES! Back in those days, those crazy women did that to Tom Jones or is it Engelbert Humperdick? Bah, I don’t know ‘cos those were my older sisters’ era. Do chicks still do these? Does Chris Brown get ’em? Or only pervert Japanese old men buy used panties? I don’t know too ‘cos I have no daughters to tell me. And if I ask my sons, they will send me to a mental hospital for asking idiotic questions.

Anyway…the most memorable part of American Idol Season 7 is the below song. The top 8 finalist sang ‘Shout to the Lord’ during one of their charity concert. Yayaya, it is a Christian-y thing about seeing these top 8 singing ‘My Jesus, My Saviour’ that makes it so inspiring.

I will be waking up at 8 am to watch the American Idol live. I hope David Cook wins American Idol. Please, please, please God. I don’t want to see that baby face with an old man’s voice. He is nice but too much of him is like eating too many candies. Makes you want to vomit phlegm.

Good nite!

P/S : This is how my t-shirt looks when flashed with the blinding xenon flash from my Sony Ericsson P1i. Super bright and reflective.


May the light be with you. Now, I wonder if I dare to wear it to church? (cos some people may be reading my blog but they do not immediately associate the ‘church me’ with the ‘blog me’) Hmmm…what say you? Should I take Father Fabian’s preaching – It does not matter how you get there, as long as you got there. Even if it is the obnoxious way. (ok, I rephrased his real homily but basically that’s what I heard)

Maybe I must make another one – I am a blogger. See you in hell.

13 thoughts on “David Cook- You better win the American Idol 7

  1. Eh, true horr…if ppl coming in from doors there ah, can see your shirt reflective one loh…pass by the stain glass also same.

  2. #2 – Hahaha, I purposely find the brightest spot light and sit there. Then, the light blinded the priest and he starts to preach like The Obnoxious 5xmom’s style, how? :mrgreen:

    9pek9bo – Yahor, I must make it on white t-shirt and I wear white skirt, then walk like floating like that. On big occassion, got a lot of incense and smoke, lagi dashyat.

    bryan – I wore to McD 24 hrs in Farlim, feel kinda weird. So huge fonts, as if people blind, cannot read.

  3. Niki – But sometimes, when the judges said favourable things, the voters will slack off and give their votes to the underdog. So, I say David Cook still has equal chances. LOL, by the time I wake up, we shall know.

  4. I think David A sang better but David C might be a bigger crowd puller…..
    Judging by how the American voted the early part of the show, I would be surprise they will pick David C even David A sang better…..

  5. I too hope DC wins… DA’s soppy sugar coated voice really gets on your nerves after the first few verses….

  6. TOOLAN – Oh yes I did! I clapped and screamed too.

    Paul – I had guessed it right!

    kopi – Yes, he did win, and win big too.

  7. Me too…very happy that David C won!
    By the way, I think they replaced “My Jesus, my Saviour…” with “My shephered, my saviour”. Very nicely sung, nonetheless.

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