Just some updates on my relative. He is now needing blood transfusion. So far, they had given him four pints of blood. Due to his condition, i.e. low blood count and fever, they are not able to remove the kidney. Today, I was told he needs to ‘clean his bladder’ whatever that means. So, he was not allowed to eat.

The hospital asked for blood donation but it is not on an urgent basis. My hubby donates his blood regularly at LWE hospital. However, that man is not so sure he wants to donate in Penang GH because he is unsure of the hygiene side of things.

Actually, I had tried donating blood twice and both times, I got kicked out because I have what they call ‘white coat hypertension’. I get excited and my BP overshot the allowed limit. Cheekeeennn…. So, I was telling my hubby that I am going to try one more time. But it turns out that I bocor pulak so I am not allowed to. Can die wei, sana bocor, sini bocor. Pengsan. Macam bangunan parliamen. (normal time I don’t have high BP, only when I get all excited to donate blood)

However, we had told some nephews to tell their gang to go to the GH and donate if they can. It is not necessary to tell the hospital who you are donating for because my relative’s blood type is the normal one. (not sure what lah)

So, I have one more “Things to do before I die'” wish yet to be fulfilled. Donate blood. Not because I am so generous but because I want to do everything at least once in my life.

Are you a blood donor? If not, why?

If yes, is there an age limit? I hope I have not overshot that.