I have yet to fulfil my ‘I want to donate blood’ wish

Just some updates on my relative. He is now needing blood transfusion. So far, they had given him four pints of blood. Due to his condition, i.e. low blood count and fever, they are not able to remove the kidney. Today, I was told he needs to ‘clean his bladder’ whatever that means. So, he was not allowed to eat.

The hospital asked for blood donation but it is not on an urgent basis. My hubby donates his blood regularly at LWE hospital. However, that man is not so sure he wants to donate in Penang GH because he is unsure of the hygiene side of things.

Actually, I had tried donating blood twice and both times, I got kicked out because I have what they call ‘white coat hypertension’. I get excited and my BP overshot the allowed limit. Cheekeeennn…. So, I was telling my hubby that I am going to try one more time. But it turns out that I bocor pulak so I am not allowed to. Can die wei, sana bocor, sini bocor. Pengsan. Macam bangunan parliamen. (normal time I don’t have high BP, only when I get all excited to donate blood)

However, we had told some nephews to tell their gang to go to the GH and donate if they can. It is not necessary to tell the hospital who you are donating for because my relative’s blood type is the normal one. (not sure what lah)

So, I have one more “Things to do before I die'” wish yet to be fulfilled. Donate blood. Not because I am so generous but because I want to do everything at least once in my life.

Are you a blood donor? If not, why?

If yes, is there an age limit? I hope I have not overshot that.

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  1. donated 3 times before… 3 times … I first got cold sweats, chills then outright fainted… even after the Milo and sugar cookies…so I have not been able to do it anymore… wish I could tho…

  2. I tried several times but each time get kicked out because my blood tak cukup. Finally, I went and did checkup and found out I had thalassemia trait so I will never be able to donate blood. Sigh…I always wanted to but too bad lah, I already don’t have enough for myself.
    Eh, tell your husband GH blood bank is clean and hygienic lah. They have quite a good team there. I would know becoz I’ve been there a few times and it’s the GH blood bank team that goes around for the blood donation campaigns organised by various NGOs.

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  3. I tried 2 months ago, to give back to the blood bank. But when I was there, they told me “beh sai” coz my blodd pressure too high…..hahhh? So nurse made me waited for half an hour to 45 mins to try again but same oh, pressure too high woh….no choice loh, have to find another volunteer to give back loh….
    But the damn needle so big, shit! I was with my cousin and she didn’t have it good either, can see she was in pain…
    But it is good to give blood, I mentally support you!

  4. I was a regular blood donor before i got pregnant, bf, pregnant, bf….And i always donate at GH because private hospitals will charge when they give blood to patients but GH gives free. Hygiene is ok la, they don play play with things like this one.

    Go go for it! You will feel good abt it knowing that it will help someone in need.

    Just remember not to get up immediately or soon after donating. u will pengsan because of the recent blood lost. I saw a huge guy pengsan before

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  5. Have been a regular donor since ’84 at least once a year. No age limit as far as I know. Of course, blood must be ‘clean’ i.e. no HIV, Hep-B, Hep-C etc. Will be donating again soon, after my bout of flu… šŸ™

  6. For me only problem with GH is the time. The last time I tried which was last year, they only open during office hours and close on weekends..tiu.. how la want to donate?? Tak kan have to take leave meh? Can someone check if the opening times have changed?

    So mostly have to wait for blood donation drive in some malls.

    The thing is my timing always wrong one. There’s a 3 months interval before you can donate again. I wait wait wait..nobody wants. The moment I donate, someone in my family or I know needs blood…cilaka happened 2-3 times already.

  7. i donated once and i’m planning to donate regularly (the last time i donated was last yr sep šŸ˜Æ ). You can only donate blood once in every 3 months and at least not less than 2 weeks before period. Age does not matter, UNLESS, you’re under medication, then knot lor. šŸ˜•

  8. annna – Tks for the info. I wait and see and try one more time see I got so kancheong until high BP or not. Hehehe, so xiaxuey, everytime excited to do it, kena reject. :mrgreen:

    paul – Wait when I have chance, I ask and see? Even in LWE also they have a certain time unless it is an emergency.

    anakpenang – Wuah, long time blood donor hor.

    shooi – I once asked if a lactating mom can donate. The doctor said if an emergency, e.g. for the kid, then ok lah. Otherwise, cannot. Last time, my hubby donated to my #4 son because both of them O blood while me and my other four kids are A+.

    kadusmama – I lend you some pounds, want ah? šŸ˜›

    TOOLAN – Like me lah, don’t know kancheong what because I am not afraid of the needle or the blood. Maybe too excited like going for roller coaster ride for the first time, so the heart beats too fast.

    bryan – Good lah. I read that regular blood donor has better health.

    Foong – Yes, the GH team came to my church for some campaign and I kena kicked out lor. Malu nyerrr…. šŸ˜³

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