For friends only – Myanmar Cyclone collection


Let’s put a closing date to 24th May, 2008 at 3 pm?

This is just for those who knows me, trust me and wish to donate to the Myanmar Cyclone Nagris (more details on the Nagris destruction on my previous post) victims. My church is making a collection and the money will be sent direct to Thailand where they can reach the victims without going through the red tapes of the Junta.


My pledge amount : Whatever I earn from Nuffnang this week.

1. Ray – RM29.15 (yay!!! First to give)

2. April – RM100 (via Maybank)

3. Shooi – RM158.50 (via PayPal USD50)

4. Pablo – RM126.80 (via PayPal)

5. Wendy – RM100 (via CIMB)

6. wwkeat – RM50 (via CIMB)

7. E – RM20 (via Maybank)

8. chia – RM30 (via Maybank)

9. SC – RM20 (via Maybank)

10. S.P. – RM50 (via Maybank)

11. Vincent – RM31.70 (via PayPal)

12. G.L. – RM100 (via Maybank)

13. Janice – RM101 (via Maybank)

Total : RM917.15

So, if you wish to ask me to help pass your money to them, you can pay me by PayPal or bank in to my local bank. I will collect the total amount, give you guys the list of collection and then, I will pay the lump sum by cheque to the Penang Office for Human Development. All will be accounted for, with receipt. Paypal rate will be USD1 for RM3.17. (average rate I cash out from Al Rajhi)

The website of the POHD is over here.

Below is the notice I copy from our church bulletin. Please note that this is strictly a friend-to-friend basis. There is no obligations and it is made on the basis of trust.

Bishop Antony Selvanayagam has requested all the parishes in this diocese to make a collection (in cash) to assist the relief work in Myanmar. The diocese has already sent RM50,000.00 through the Apostolic Delegate (Archbishop Salvatore Pinnacchio) in Bangkok. The monies are sent directly to the Bishops in the affected area. In this way the church avoids the red-tape of the Junta government and reach out to the victims directly.
In our parish we will give the whole collection taken on 24th & 25th May. There will be no second collection (cemetery fund) on that day. Next weekend is the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi).
Cheques made in favour of Penang Office for Human Development (POHD). On the reverse side note “Myanmar Cyclone”.

Email me at the5xmom at for details of my PayPal or local bank. CIMB, Al Rajhi, UOB or Maybank for your convenience. (Yayaya, I internet businesswoman, got darn lot of banks.)

Again, do so only if you trust me.

Let’s put a closing date to 24th May, 2008 at 3 pm?

11 thoughts on “For friends only – Myanmar Cyclone collection

  1. just wana share,

    a sms was found in the phone of a dead mother who had shielded her son using her own body, the 15yo son survived. The sms said ‘ i am very sorry, son. But if you happen to be alive. I want you to know…I always love you;.

    Kanineh leh…. I cried when i saw this on telly… and my eyes are watery now even as i typed.

    Mothers are the greatest beings.

    I love you too, mama….’wa…wa….cry….wa….’

  2. JT – This is from the Nagris? Yalor, mothers are selfless people. Last time I also told my doctor, if I can trade my life with my son’s, I will do it without second thought. He has BPD. We are built like that. God intended mothers to be this way so that He can rest a bit mahhhh….We are His workers. :mrgreen: Smiles….

  3. the saddest movie/animation i have seen is the grave of the fireflies by miyazaki, i saw it 4 years and i just could not bare to watch it again. i have the collection and have seen the others numerous times but just cant watch the grave of the fireflies…. no movie/animation has reached so deep inside me, not the way this has.

    when i was abt 10yo, i developed a febrile convulsion, my neighbours told me in the past tht my mama put her finger in my mouth to let me bit instead of bittng my own tongue. (wa…wa…cry..cry..)

    sorry, my posting is a bit off the topic.

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