“You tell me why angmohs all so strong lah”

There is this thing with traditional Chinese folks and their theories on foods yin and yang. Some do have some scientific basis but most are purely hot air.

So, I was at the hospital today and the doctor told my relative that he must increase his protein intake. He has been eating nothing but fish and some carb like pasta, beehoon and mee suah. The wife said no rice because it can cause fever. But she didn’t know that I had secretly put a tablespoon of unpolished brown rice to boil as soup, filtering the rice away. Shhh…..The rice has minerals and carbohydrate to give energy, ok?

The wife said no pork, no chicken, no egg and certainly no beef or mutton because all these are ‘toxic’. But now, the doctor told her the patient must take at least two eggs per day for his protein. So, now, kena lectured by doctor already, I also make a killing lah.

I had explained that unless he gets some protein, he won’t have the ‘bricks’ to renew the cancer cells that had been zapped off. But talk waste saliva only because I know it is impossible to sell that idea.

At least today, there is some improvement. The uncle in the next bed who is undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer only eats ‘chap fun’ which contains beef and mutton and my relative sees that he is so strong. That’s the spirit!

So, I immediately suggested to my relative that I slow boiled some beef soup because beef has a lot of iron and also good protein our body absorbs easily.

The woman from the next ward, separated by a brick wall immediately put her head over and asked with a shocking look on her face, “What meat did you say you want to eat?”

Tiu lor, I feel like asking her, “You tell me lah, all the angmoh kaus (caucasians) eat gubak (beef) everyday, you tell me why they never die of toxic here, toxic there?”

Anyway, we just ignore her pok-pek, pok-pek lah. I have gone ahead and bought imported Australian beef and am making a stew now. The positive thing is the patient finally sees the light. “Aiyah, eat what also never mind. Give me ohkau even better.”

That’s the spirit, eat first, die later. Eat or no eat, also must die. So, at least give me a freehand in preparing the meals based on dietician (thanks to Selena for her advices) advices and not be tied down to fears and worries that are unfounded. If not hari-hari boiled fish, can die of depression. Cooking it is already so depressing, what more, eating them. I am going to pound some fresh tumeric, garlic and onions to make some kick ass fish as well. An extra portion for Uncle Xavier too.

“When I grow up, I want to cook for the Pope.”

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  1. i wonder if u can buy protein rich flavoured drinks fr health store, may even try pharmacy. these not only contain protein but also essential minerals, fat and carbohydrate that give enough calorie which he will desperately need. ah.. u hav nutritionist/dietitian in hospital isnt? can ask …
    if u ask me to eat fish everyday… i will kio tee kio teh……

  2. She said rice can cause fever??? *rolls eyes and slaps forehead*

    There’s a very good organic store in Jln Sungai Kelian
    http://justlifeshop.com/pages/shop.html that stocks a variety of organic grains and beans in powder form, including organic brown rice flour. Do drop by and take a look when u’re around the neighbourhood.

  3. Milk got protein what. All mammalian babies drink nothing but milk, and grow super fast. Soya bean milk also got certain types of protein (there are more than 20 types of protein chains).

    Yah, JT is right. Can sneak in some protein powder too ehehehe. Whey protein is best. Casein protein also can, but then if buying casein might as drink milk, cheaper.

    Beans also got lots of protein, minerals and vitamins. But if his stomach cannot take it, then will fart loh. But no other side effect mah, ehehe.

    Also, there are some bodybuilders out there who are strictly vegetarian. But still manage to be super strong and huge. Cow eat grass only wor. Elephants also vegetarian wor. If need to eat meat, then how come they got 1000x more cells than humans?

  4. JustLife is damn expensive 0.o . Now, Jusco and even Tesco also sell organic beans, quinoa, millet and powders.

  5. Alamak! more brain cells die than the cancer cells thinking what food is right for him..but it truly shows the attentive loving care and concern of everyone there…a blessing which can easily go unnoticed in the midst of disagreement!

    9pek9bos last blog post..Now..the Fathers on SexEdu K’shen

  6. chicken tok, pork tok … tok this tok that ….. than eat what..? when my mama forbid me to drink coke when i had fever… i said ok….then bought a can when i went out. it will be ok as long as she doesnt know. See… fever still drink coke and I am still kicking. Although i have kicked the coke drinking habit years ago, now… hardly a can a year.
    Lilian, if u r relative, it’s very difficult for her to listen to you. better ask some1 like the dietitian or loctor to convince her… i know loctot can be busy but spending 5 min educating her can gain a great deal.

  7. i dunno whether ur relative believe in food supplement but my dad who was diagnosed wif 3rd stage cancer took it. he juz started 3 wks ago and now he is better den b4. he even hv more energy 2 walk 2 d market and bak on his own. b4, juz walking from the front door 2 d lift oso tired and face white. i wouldn’t say tat it is a miracle medicine but at least d patient dun hv 2 suffer so much. btw, has ur BIL started d chemo and watever treatment de ?

  8. trex – Tks. Right now, he had 3 radiotherapy to stop his kidney bleeding (where the active cancer cells are) but it doesn’t help. So, they have to perform a kidney removal but he is too weak to undergo the surgery now.

    JT – That’s why I super pressure lah, this tok, that tok, in the end, I strangle self and resign terus.

    The beauty of it now is how their poorer neighbours are bringing fresh fishes and etc to nourish him. It is very heartwarming to see the fishmonger and etc doing all they can to help.

    Foong/Sooi2/9pek9bo/dan –

    I asked if I can prepare red bean soup, she said kenot because it will make the cancer cell too ‘strong’ and hence, radiotherapy cannot kill it. :mrgreen:

    Rice is definitely no-no but recently I added some unpolished rice, but dem pressure to make sure that I don’t accidently left one grain of rice in the soup. πŸ™„

    The hospital baru prescribed the protein drink today. Should have done that long time ago lah but I don’t know lah, dietician probably wasn’t consulted earlier as they expect him to eat regular meals.

    Si peh peik cheik, no?

  9. actually hor, watever d patient wan 2 eat, juz let him eat nia la. wait 4 wat sum more? cos… we all noe tat 2 b cured from cancer, d chances is very slim. we oso din curb my dad from indulging in his food juz tat we ask him 2 stop smoking. aiyah… ppl mouth, how u wan 2 close? how many u can close? dun care them la. 4 me, if they so clever po pek po pek, ask them cook ownself. anyway, my salute and respect 2 u! even under so much pressure, u can still function sanely. 5XMOM, LU MANYAK KENG!!!

  10. as I’ve said before, just pound the beef roast , invert it over a bowl and the jus will flow back under the rice bowl ( pure beef jus) and its easier for him to digest and drink. They need all the iron they can get to get the blood count up for chemo. Spinach is very good too and they also need that protein drink( actually a complete meal replacement drink.. called BOOST)to supplement anything thats lacking. As for those tok that tok people F them , their mouth more tok. 😑 ( from experience) If we had listened to them my dad would have starved from mal nutrition.

  11. Yala..If high cholesterol or wad say kenot eat gu bak la..but cancer no effect 1 la…at least if say dont fry the bak still logik abit..
    The rice 1 is funny… πŸ˜† from young eat rice till old 1..if can get fever mah burn the brain oredi.. 😳 bi hun made from rice flour also rite? how come that 1 can??haha…

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  12. pp – Yalor, I also blur with their theories.

    romantic – Yalor, I remember you mentioned it the other day. The inverted bowl is a great idea cos I used to do that with my kampong chicken during my confinement. I pour brandy and ginger juice in the bowl and then, with the chicken juice, I am strong as a bull. Did I tell you that I sindiri do my own confinement? Three kids, all I did it myself. Terror leh? No annoying relatives, just me and my baby at home.

  13. trex – That’s what I feel also. Must keep the patient’s spirit up, let them enjoy within certain restrictions and their happy mind will be much stronger to counter the illness.

  14. just an idea… lilian,

    hav u asked what he likes to eat or what he wants? the situation is cancer ord spreaded, cannot stop bleeding, radiotherapy no help, chemo probably will kill him instantly. can u see him walking out of the hospital. prognosis very bleak lah.

    and some ppl now want him to eat the healthiest food? for what? and deprive him the pleasure of good taste…? (mati lah, sure kena tembak one for saying thngs like these, but this is the truth wat)

    i don want to offend anyone and am not flaming at anyone in particular, i have wondered if some ppl do this just to please themself and others tht r around him/her, so that.. noone will ‘ah chi ah cor’ later…and ppl can say one has tried one’s best..

    hey, may be it’s an good idea to list out the stupistitious in food preparing…like no tau yui (kecap) when u hav cuts to avoid black scars.. what a load of rubbish !

    i’m not a christian, so i will say.. ang kong will popee u lilian, just do what u can and use yr pestle well but consider blender also.. ok?

  15. JT – Got…..I told him terus terang, I said ALL of us, including me, do not know how long we are going to be around. Tomorrow, I could expire also, right? But since, he knows his time is shorter than ours, I told him he must spend it happily, be with his children, eat whatever he can, do whatever he wants and visit (that time he not totally invalid lah) whatever places he wants.

    I also told him, the only thing that can help is faith. So I gave him a list of potential gods lor, Lord Buddha lah, Lord Jesus Christ lah, Goddess Guan Yin lah….See? I am like the peddlar with many gods to offer wan. πŸ˜† I very sporting wan, I could even get him whatever faith he wants (I mean find reading materials lah). I also told him to find the cancer support folks to talk to as they will be the best person to advise. But probably, they are still disorientated and not up to deal with that yet.

    The thing is, they do not drill the doctor. Always in the dark on what is going on. Given to me, I sure interrogate the doctor habis-habis and do what is needed. I can only watch on the sideline cos I orang luar jugak lah.

  16. LOL!!!! potential gods pulak ni. but u 4got 1 leh. d most important 1 of all. blh masuk, tak blh keluar punya god. wakakakaka

  17. trex – I only recommend what I have tried and tested mah…Semua I prayed before so I know the jalan-jalan lah. Of course, I only believe in the Truth but I won’t push it lest they fear. Never mind wan, I now The One will work His wonders, so what gods also never mind, as long as they have some faith and hope to cling to.

  18. I thought we only avoid consuming rice when we’re in fever? Cos of the heat (yit hey/juak kee) ma…

    Haha… yalor eat wat oso will die, just the diff is die earlier or sooner. LOL!

  19. may he be well n happy. just live life to the fullest.eat what also no prob. just eat for sustenance…else b hungry g.h.o.s.t lagi charm.

  20. The best ‘nutrients’ that one could provide is lots of loving care not symphatetic ones and always think positively. The body may be weak and ailing but should not let the mind drift into hopelessness. I pass some ‘positive chi’ to you, so that you’ll have the courage and wisdom to help your relative on the road to recovery.

  21. love ur last sentence, so sweet !
    ur theory sound a bit like my dad, eat or dont eat, gonna die also, y dont eat if u still can eat?

  22. I use Whey protein a lot before and after my bodybuilding routines. Whey helps a lot in building muscles.;::

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