There is this thing with traditional Chinese folks and their theories on foods yin and yang. Some do have some scientific basis but most are purely hot air.

So, I was at the hospital today and the doctor told my relative that he must increase his protein intake. He has been eating nothing but fish and some carb like pasta, beehoon and mee suah. The wife said no rice because it can cause fever. But she didn’t know that I had secretly put a tablespoon of unpolished brown rice to boil as soup, filtering the rice away. Shhh…..The rice has minerals and carbohydrate to give energy, ok?

The wife said no pork, no chicken, no egg and certainly no beef or mutton because all these are ‘toxic’. But now, the doctor told her the patient must take at least two eggs per day for his protein. So, now, kena lectured by doctor already, I also make a killing lah.

I had explained that unless he gets some protein, he won’t have the ‘bricks’ to renew the cancer cells that had been zapped off. But talk waste saliva only because I know it is impossible to sell that idea.

At least today, there is some improvement. The uncle in the next bed who is undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer only eats ‘chap fun’ which contains beef and mutton and my relative sees that he is so strong. That’s the spirit!

So, I immediately suggested to my relative that I slow boiled some beef soup because beef has a lot of iron and also good protein our body absorbs easily.

The woman from the next ward, separated by a brick wall immediately put her head over and asked with a shocking look on her face, “What meat did you say you want to eat?”

Tiu lor, I feel like asking her, “You tell me lah, all the angmoh kaus (caucasians) eat gubak (beef) everyday, you tell me why they never die of toxic here, toxic there?”

Anyway, we just ignore her pok-pek, pok-pek lah. I have gone ahead and bought imported Australian beef and am making a stew now. The positive thing is the patient finally sees the light. “Aiyah, eat what also never mind. Give me ohkau even better.”

That’s the spirit, eat first, die later. Eat or no eat, also must die. So, at least give me a freehand in preparing the meals based on dietician (thanks to Selena for her advices) advices and not be tied down to fears and worries that are unfounded. If not hari-hari boiled fish, can die of depression. Cooking it is already so depressing, what more, eating them. I am going to pound some fresh tumeric, garlic and onions to make some kick ass fish as well. An extra portion for Uncle Xavier too.

“When I grow up, I want to cook for the Pope.”