Ngo sui jorrrr


What a coincidence.


Yesterday, I made beef stock.

Last night, he needed morphine as painkillers.


You tell me lah…..

I know it is not my fault or that miserable portion of the soup. There are no pieces of beef there also. Only some stock.

But still….


This morning, I made only fish.

Now, they say he couldn’t finish the lunch portion I cooked. So dinner doesn’t need to bring (though I had cooked in advance as I have some duties in church in a little while).


I hope no 8poh pok-pek to the wife, “See lah, you eat beef, we say toxic, now you suffer liao.”


*kicks self*

I asked the hubby, “Eh, dear it is not my fault hor? ”

Hubby said, “Siao meh…you think one tiny portion of beef like that can cause the tremendous pain meh? It is going to happen sooner or later, liver and kidney cancer is like that, ok?”



Good Lord ah, how lah like this? I don’t want to get blame for trying to be a saint, ok? Faster let their own kids come back to the country, go jaga the father and get the wife to cook personally. If this continues, they don’t die, I die first. Pressure…….Peik cheik. I don’t want to go down people’s eulogy as the poison food provider.


14 thoughts on “Ngo sui jorrrr

  1. kesian u…memang peik cheik. for the sake of your own peace of mind, just stick to the proven food from now on lor…liver cancer…haih…it’s probably the worst cancer….

  2. Don’t worry. Can’t be the beef. It is norm to administrate morphine to dull the pain due to cancer.

  3. owen – šŸ™‚ Glad you read this. Gimme a big bear hug…. šŸ™

    whispering9 – It has to happen sooner or later but it has to happen yesterday. Haih…

    sooi2 – Yalor, pei lui phek…

    michelle – Thanks…it does bother me a bit but then, what to do… choice lor. I kesian him lor, cos now must need morphine, later lagi teruk. It is heartbreaking to see him slowly getting worse. Sometimes, just one day not seeing him, I also can see the marked difference when I visit next. Sigh…pray he won’t have it too bad.

  4. What the heck!!! nothing to do with you lah Lilian. When you need morphine it means the disease has gone worse. We have a very large cancer treatment centre( many advances in cancer treatment) and beef is definitely on of the personalised nutritional guides unless its because of religion. I should know, my dad had to see a nutritionist as there were too many pat pors calling from overseas and they even claim to know more than my hubby who is a specialist claiming angmor dont know Chinese system. I wouldnt feel bad about the beef ,if anything you provided the nutrition he needed to last this long

  5. Not ur fault la. Don worry. Sabar je..The korng hu larng likes to say, as long as ‘man sum mo koy’ – no evil intention, then God will know, also u know and we know šŸ˜‰

    Kis last blog post..OCBC

  6. Haiya…
    It’s not your fault, don’t keep that in mind. You are so soft hearted, not your fault, don’t accept the blame.
    It is wonderful to have you taking care šŸ˜‰
    šŸ‘æ On the other hand, what the heck is the wifey doing? talking and doing nothing?

    Agnes Tans last blog post..+WonderMilk

  7. Hey Lillian,

    I haven’t read all your comments before but I have some pointers about making food for people with liver disease.

    The liver is sick and has problem processing proteins and fats. So, people with liver problems usually do better when they are fed on a no-fat diet. Usually complex carbs and complex sugar type of diets works best. Veges like beets are great, french beans, flax seed oils and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (the only oil, in small amts, suitable for liver disease patients) are good too.

    Just thought I’d share. I’ve done some research on this because I know someone with fatty liver disease and gallbladder stone problems. While I have never encountered anyone with liver cancer, but I think the basic fundamentals of food for them are pretty much the same in ideology. Something easy for the liver to process would hinder the pain.

    Hope this helps and don’t feel too bad about the beef broth. Your husband’s right, the pain is bound to happen anyway cos of the severity of the cancer.

    Elaines last blog post..The Yellow Squash + Tomato Sammy

  8. Agnes Tan: I am sure the wife is doing her part taking care of him. Lilian, if you want to try again, have to device a better strategy to conceal the beef. šŸ˜› But why not just use beancurd as protein supply?

    Yvonne Foongs last blog post..Social identification

  9. well, medical school has not taught me different meat can cause different side effects. my advice is with his condition now, let him eat whatever that he likes…

  10. Just hang in there giving all your best, don’t feel remorse or guilty. Your prayers and loving care will bear fruit soon… šŸ™‚

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