I am so touched that many of you, who are silent readers of my blog have trusted me enough to hand over your donation to the Myanmar Nargis Cyclone victims. It is very heart-warming for me as a blogger because it means a lot being ‘trusted’.

In total, I collected about RM917 from the generous folks who chip in. I rounded up the amount to RM1,100. You can see the list over here in my previous post.

The money will be handed over to the Archbishop who is based in Thailand who in turn will give the money direct to the missions working in Myanmar.

I got a bit curious to find out who is Archbishop *pinocchio* hehehe and found a photo of him when he was in Sarawak recently.

God bless selfless people like those who are working right in the midst of the tragedy areas in Myanmar, China and other places for their sacrifices. They leave their comfortable lives behind to be in a place where it stinks, risky, full of sorrows and pains and other unimaginable form of discomforts to bring some hope and help to the victim. Regardless of their faiths and their beliefs, they are out there to work physically, helping the people. They don’t expect compensation and usually there is none. Not many of us can ever find that kind of strength, selfless dedication and courage to step into the tragedy area to help. The most we can do is to chip in some money.

Once, Father Fab (hehehe), our parish priest told us about his trip to Bandar Acheh to help the victims of the tsunami. He mentioned about this mother who was walking up and down outside their centre searching for her child. And for that, he has earned my highest respect. Yes, I am very attentive during homily.

I hope someday I can do this. Be a mission worker. Actually, I had dreamt about it before and I was somewhere in India.

Anyway….thanks to all those who have helped and I will be giving the cheque to the POHD for them to pass over to the Myanmar Nargis victims. God bless.