Here are some traits of a wet blanket commentor. Do you recognise any of them? Do you possess at least a few?

1) You may read a 1,000 words post covering many topics but you intentionally sought out something irrelevant from just one sentence and made a comment just to show the blogger that he/she is stupid/heartless/wateva;

2) You failed to emphatise or put yourself in the blogger’s shoes and you shoot him/her down just because it makes you feel clever/holier/better/etc;

3) You read all the other comments and then, you formulate a comment to show that they are stupid/heartless/dumb/etc;

4) You often get dissed by bloggers and bloggers often ignore or reply you rudely, and you think it is the bloggers’ fault;

5) You think it is your godly duty to go around every bloggers’ blog and tell them how wrong they are;

6) You think the blogger is so pathetic with so little comments, so you think it is your godly duty to leave some inane comments on every single post;

7) You cannot agree with my ME page and insist that it is your godly duty to put ME into the right path.

If any of the above describe you, please do me a favour. Fark off. May the sun be kind enough to shine on you to dry off the wet blanket in you.

But if you are not any of the above, thank you very much. I look forward to all the comments you leave every single day. You are my sunshine. 😛