*this is mostly a “women only” post, men won’t be able to understand, but read anyway, it won’t kill you or make you impotent*

So, do you remember when was the last time……

1) you had a good cry over nothing and everything and though your eyes are messed up, you feel good after that?

2) you read a good book/seen a movie/meet someone/faced with a situation/loved by God/wateva that uplifted you and made you feel like a million dollar celebrity/Einstein/Mother Theresa/etc etc?

3) you take stock of your lifetime achievements and realised that you have not done too badly? (lifetime achievement can means anything from giving birth to watching your children grow to feeling the belly on your husband whom you contributed with your cooking or your thousands post blogs lah, not just Oscars or Nobel Prize, ok?)

4) you have the chance to bitch about the bitch and feel your bitching is justified and you are actually not the bitch you thought you are but she is actually the bitch?

5) you watch a movie, alone? Never mind that it is just one RM5 DVD and it is a show that your boyfriend/husband/someone’s husband who is your lover (just joking) won’t be able to understand? My last show in this genre was Lust, Caution and I just watched Little Children (women, watch this stupid movie because it is one of those movie that men will probably fall asleep in the middle of it or they will probably try to stay awake to watch Kate Winslet’s boobs. I love one quote. “Women back then did not have much choice, they either become a nun or a wife. Or a prostitute.”)

6) you feel you are a person and not just a wife, mother, daughter, worker? (New moms always fall into this person-less identity and it sucks, I know. But ‘the you’ will eventually float up again, trust me.)

7) you read inane chic lit book or some stupid love story? (I am reading The English Patient. It was a very moving and touching movie back in the 80s, I think?)

8 ) you have the courage to take stock and imagine what will happen if you die suddenly? (I know I am a little morbid in my thoughts but if we don’t dare to face the imaginary death, how can we possibly face some life threatening disease?)

9) you bite back?

10) you say fuck off when you mean it? And ‘I love you’, when you mean it too?

Hmmm…think about it? It is a good soul searching process and no, you don’t need to thank me for the reminders. :mrgreen:

So, any questions for Aunt Agony today?