Ping Ping asked five-eks-ma a question.

Aunt Agony, why some guys can forget a girl in let’s say….3 months and have another one but girls are less likely to do the same? Since u ask for question… =P

First of all, you must forget that I got plenty of sons, ok? Just pretend that I am this formless, imaginary, exists only in cyberspace five-eks-ma, not the brogger you know with four sons, ok? ‘Cos what I am going to share with you, is a betrayal wor. Later, they cannot find girlfriends, how? Aha, never mind, then, let them be priests, I no need to headache over daughter-in-laws.

Ping Ping ah, I see that you are still in school. So, you see you are at that age when boys are like toilets. (just learnt this joke from my 12 years old who got it from the internet)

Boys are like toilets. They are either taken or they are full of shits. Serious.

They are not worth our time, our tears or our ‘I miss him so much can die’ feelings wan. Really wan, don’t waste time. You know why ah? Here, in front of you, they sweet talk, behind hor, when they meet up with their friends or play online games, they totally forget all about you already. And then, they will be probably chatting up 10 other girls online while they chat with you. (Huh, why I know so much wan? Don’t ask lah!)

Then, 10 out of 10 boys are only interested in one thing. Sex. But if they are too young, then, they are only interested in conquest. To show off to their friends they win. All males have these built-in instinct in them.

So, if I ever have a daughter, which I won’t ever, I will tell them the same thing. Boys are full of shits. Don’t depend too much on them. Waste time only.

But if you think, they improve with age, nay….all men are also full of shits. Same thing. They are only interested in one thing. Yeah, that’s right, sex.

And if they are even older, they probably need to settle down and maybe, just maybe, they will settle down and live happily ever after. Yet, they can still be full of shits, and fart, and burps and scratch balls, dig nose, etc etc. See? They never evolve, only grow taller and longer.

So, if you are seriously looking for a great relationship with a man/male/boy/guy, you will probably have better luck in finding soulmates. The kind where sex is not part of the package. Once you can get cosy with a guy on a buddy-buddy level, you will realise they are so much more entertaining, wiser, cooler, smarter, arm-luener (crush), man, funnier, attentive, comforting than the one who provides the sex.

Therefore, in conclusion, men/males are only useful/interesting/wateva when they are not ours. (don’t mistaken this with cheating, ok? It simply means, friends are better than serious bf/gf type of relationship) Which brings us to the world never-ending problems….the same cycle of break-ups, finding new love, break-ups, finding new love, break-ups, finding new love….. So, girls, get used to it. Life’s like that. It sucks cos boys are full of shits. Bwahaha…..with luck, some lucky gals do find Mr. Rights.

Anymore questions for five-eks-ma? Free wan. Better than Dear Thelma because you don’t need to wait till Sunday.