Exactly what is Islam Hadhari and why is it ban?

I know Selangor did it yesterday. Today, my little island is following the same thing.

Got this from Malaysiakini,

P. Pinang haramkan Islam hadhari
Jimadie Shah Othman | May 27, 08 12:42pm
Pulau Pinang akan mengikut jejak Selangor yang melarang sebarang bentuk program mempromosikan Islam hadhari, tafsiran agama yang dikembangkan sejak Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjadi perdana menteri.

I never pay much attention to this word Hadhari. I know Menj is very anti-Hadhari as he said it is the liberal Islam whereby people interpret the faith according to their liking. Very much how people say I am a liberal Catholic. Kikhkikhkikh…

Hadhari or not, I know that of late, a lot of things that have the vibes of the perceived ‘Islamlic laws’ do give make us non-Muslims a little worried. For example, the baju kurung issue. Initially, when the news broke out, it mentioned school uniform. The news never say it is baju kurung. If I knew it is baju kurung, I wouldn’t have blog about it. In my personal opinion, baju kurung and Islam goes hand in hand and I have no business in commenting about it. If it is school uniforms, non-Muslims automatically up their antennas because we are fearful of having our dotters garbed in all black, head to bottom uniform. It is not only against our wishes, it is also seen as a form of intimidation.

Muslims have to understand why we are fearful. We are fearful because we do not understand. I also know that many bloggers are very vocal and they do write in a very rude and insinuating manners. That cannot be helped because we have come to this stage whereby the politicians often pumped to us their disgusts for munafiks and kaffirs. We, non-Muslims are nothing but infidels who eat pigs which are shit dirty. See? It takes both side to create this hostility.

But as far as I am concerned, I like to believe that I have always watch my tone, how I approach an issue and I hope that I have always been polite to my Muslims friends/strangers. If I have called politicians names, it is because they are politicians who had made blunders and they deserved the name. It has nothing to do with their race or religion but their total idiotic views.

So, without going on offensive, can someone tell me :

1) What is Islam Hadhari?

2) Is it the Islam whereby halal industries make some people very rich and at the same time, cause tensions to manufacturers and users who are not linked to this industries? (yeah, I know who is behind the halal industries) I know that of late, so many things have cropped up that cause Muslims to be very wary of non-Muslims. Think of the cross on the Wall’s Icecream, the Colgate toothpaste and etc.

3) Is it the kind of Islam which Khir Toyo prescribed to whereby he has the rights to write whatever he wants to create the misguided conception to his readers that we Catholics are out to ‘steal their Allah’?

4) Is Islam Hadhari the kind which promotes idolisma in the form of AF lah, Mencari menantu lah and all those Western copy-cat reality shows?

Please remember that I am a Catholic and we have our basic guides which are very close to some religions. We do not encourage show of flesh as well. Long time ago, if we women go to church, we have to cover our heads with a shawl too. We do not allow pre-marital sex, contraception, divorce and most of the basic things Islam forbids. Therefore, do not get the idea that all non-Muslims are like what some bloggers claimed us to be. A walking piece of flesh who have no moral and are out to destroy the rest of the world by tempting them to embrace Satan.

Again, what is Islam Hadhari? And why is Pakatan Rakyat against it?

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  1. decent moral teachings do not stem fr angkong leh. i agree, what is morally/socially acceptable changes with time but the basics always hold true no matter when and which planet u are.

    what is hadhari? just another fancy word to confuse us the ordinary pek seh (folks). Good parenting is the key, dont believe? ask tht low kuh por with 5 sons and c. (this time i guarantee mati liau)… i better go to a funeral director quick quick..

  2. when i was younger i only knew Islam as religion of tolerance and peace and if you kill someone or make bad things of someone you go to hell.

    now i grew up 10 years later there’s so many conflict in today’s Islam. i sometime questions about the entire Halal agenda and questions why are entertainment still being supported regardless its clearly stated Haram for women to sing. and do i support it and start amok and shoot everyone or do i enjoy it? pig/alcohol is another issue, i think i had bacon and wine in food but that was USA but now here i can no longer enjoy Movenpick? WTF?

    is everything Halal actually? or is it another general stamp covered up conspiracy? if the Sultans are leader of Islam why would everyone still talk about their trips to Indonesian hotels and drink brandy, gin and vodka?

    I don’t understand what religion the government has provoked and misguided the Muslims in this country. Religion of tolerance and now they tell the non Muslims to get out ? – read theCicak. what kind of leaders screaming loudly mengalahkan bigfoot in dewan rakyat?

    i read the bible, quran and torah. and i ask myself too questions about this all the time. [sorry for such a long comment! since i’ve been away for a while]

  3. I have always felt that religion is very much a personal thing and should not be used in such a way that it was politicised…after all, religion is about God and faith. How each individual practice that faith is up to them, why force one’s idea unto another?
    To me, personally (and I do not want to offend any other religions, this is my very own opinion and view only), all religions be it Islam or Christian or Buddhism or Hinduism are ways for humans to get in touch with their faith and spirituality. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the same thing, we all pray to God in our own ways and rituals.
    I read this quote somewhere and I truly agree with it: ‘Religions are like rivers, each one is beautiful and they all flow into one ocean’.

    Foongs last blog post..Should Kit Siang change his blog post?

  4. Foong – Yayayaya….I am totally confused because I didn’t know there are two Islam? I hope some wise man with a high level of tolerance will come tell me.

    azhan – Eheh, that halal thingie is the K and the J mia industries, I read that from JeffOoi. I don’t know lah, it is only in recent years that there are so much hostilities amongst the faiths. I grew up in a different era too, where Muslims were much more friendly and have no fears of us and we are so comfy with them.

  5. LOL, I didn’t realise that you mentioned me. But to put it in a nutshell, “Islam Hadhari” is just a label for…well, nothing. Its a meaningless label which not only has no meaning in Arabic, it is not even able to define itself on what it is all about.

    The joke goes that it means “ISLAM yang terHAD pada HARI-hari tertentu sahaja”. Get it? :mrgreen:

    – MENJ

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  6. I read sumwhere that it’s -rebranding/repackaging the ‘original’ one so that people esp. angmor won’t associate it with bombers from sembilan satu satu. Got diff meh? Tukar nama, isi kandungan sana.Lampa pa lan case la.

    Kis last blog post..Peng Yiew kawan pang yau

  7. fren, islam hadhari is civilisational islam. why can’t you guys google about it lar…?? Read up here lor…

    (link removed by admin because I am not going to get my blog linked to a government site. Please exercise some wisdom before leaving external links on my site.)

    Pak Lah has mentioned many times that Islam Hadhari is not a different branch/version of Islam. My personal guess is that in Islam Hadhari, stronger emphasis is on the 10 principles as stated in the link.

    So read up, folks…

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with the Islam Hadhari emphasis. Just that many politicians use that as tool to whack Pak Lah by associating whatever that are unfair and bad to it. It has become the club that is being used to hit pak lah whenever something goes wrong. You see, the club is innocent.

    Well, before you guys started to whack me for being pro-Pak Lah, let me state that I am not!


    KakiAyams last blog post..“If you are not happy with what we are doing, then you should be a politician and stand for elections” – Azalina

  8. kakiayam – Next time if you don’t understand the hidden message in my post, don’t come and try to show off there is Google, ok? My post has its purpose and there are perkara-perkara halus yang tersirat in between. See? You just made a complete fool of yourself in trying to be too smart.

  9. ki – I like the lampa palan analogy. :mrgreen:

    menj – Hahaha, Had pada hari-hari tertentu.

    michelle – Still I don’t understand why it is ban by PR.

  10. 2) Is it the Islam whereby halal industries make some people very rich and at the same time, cause tensions to manufacturers and users who are not linked to this industries? (yeah, I know who is behind the halal industries) I know that of late, so many things have cropped up that cause Muslims to be very wary of non-Muslims. Think of the cross on the Wall’s Icecream, the Colgate toothpaste and etc.

    FYI, the one behind the High 5, Walls and Colgate is called PPIM. Do google the term PPIM (Persatuan Penguna Islam Malaysia).

    They are a so called NGO with many professor and doctorate. The reason i said ‘so called’ is due to the fact that they are financially very strong and no one knows where the money comes from. Was it from the government? Was it from some individuals or organisations that are out to create divisions and suspicion among malaysians? Or manufacturers that wish to ‘out-halal’ its competitor?

    PPIM is getting stronger nowadays. And jeff ooi even labeled them a corporate blackmailer. During the Colgate boycott, they even have a banner at the top of the website promoting a so called Halal Tooth paste. Talk about conflict of interest.

    While I appreciate them for revealing the dirty conditions High 5 is made, the way they throw caution to the wind for the slightest suspicion of unhalal ingredients are terrible unjustified, at least to me. Some of the accusations was done without much probe and concrete evidence, but by then the damage were already done.

    And if you check out their website frequent enough, you could see racist and anti-semantic comments.

    So in my opinion, the are not a pressure group created for the benefit of the muslims at large. They have ‘behind the scene agenda’,…and it’s obvious for all to see…


    KakiAyams last blog post..“If you are not happy with what we are doing, then you should be a politician and stand for elections” – Azalina

  11. he he …

    Islam Hadhari (Arabic ??????? ???????) or “Civilizational Islam” is a theory of government based on the principles of Islam as derived from the Qur’an. It was originally founded by Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1957 (but under a different name)and is now being promoted by Pak Lah.

    It consists of 10 fundamental principles.

    1. Faith and piety in Allah
    2. Just and trustworthy government
    3. Freedom and independence to the people
    4. Mastery of knowledge
    5. Balanced and comprehensive economic development
    6. Good quality of life for all
    7. Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
    8. Cultural and moral integrity
    9. Protection of the environment
    10. A strong defence policy

    he he the reason it was ban were simple… its because its the idea from the other camp…not theirs.

  12. oh by the way..

    The Arabic word ????? ?ad?ra (from which “Hadhari” is derived) refers to both “civilization” and “settled life” or “sedentariness” (i.e. not being nomadic), so that the term Islam Hadhari implicitly contrasts itself with the Islam of nomads or bedouin.


  13. Been doing some reading around (heeding kaki ayam’s suggestion :P) because I have only a vague idea about Islam Hadhari too. Snooped around on some of the comments and i kinda get this person’s explanation:

    “Saya setuju yang kerajaan baru Selangor tengah serba salah sekarang ni, ia lah namanya Pakatan Rakyat melibatkan 3 parti, nak-nak ada pulak gandingan antara PAS dengan DAP. Memang sah “multi-racial” party. Jadi bagaimana cara untuk mengendalikan isu ini supaya tidak menghina atau terkena sensitiviti masyarakat berbilang kaum?

    Ini menjadi satu isu, bukan saja dalam Selangor, tetapi sebenarnya untuk satu Malaysia, kerana apa saja keputusan yang kerajaan buat perlulah untuk kepentingan semua kaum, dan tidak menjadi pertikaian oleh kaum2 tertentu. Dan kerana itulah saya rasa Pak Lah mewujudkan “Islam Hadhari” ini (yang betul, apa bezanya dengan Islam yang biasa?), untuk memberi pemahaman kepada non-malays dan lain2 negara bahawa Islam itu bukan ekstremis, tertutup, teroris, dll. Niat itu, pada saya boleh dikatakan murni, tapi kalau difikirkan semula, wajar dipertikaikan juga.

    Jadi benarnya, memang bukan senang mentadbir negara yang berbilang kaum seperti malaysia, dan kerajaan baru PR telah mula merasa bahangnya. Tetapi sesama Islam pun, apa gunanya kita nak “MENGHARAMKAN” Islam Hadhari jika maksudnya sama aje?”

    In my opinion, i think is second what Hasrul said. Obviously the PR people are rejecting it because it was a BN idea. Politics! lol. SUch desperate attempts I feel.

  14. My conversation with my dad:

    Me: Dee, Selangor ban Islam Hadhari wor. They say Penang also going to do the same.
    Dad: Oo.. meh lei geh? (What is it?)
    Me: Dunno? Some condensed version of Islam guah.. They say Pak Lah promote geh.
    Dad: Aiya.. Selangor and Penang under Opposition ma right? Sure will ban lah if like that.

    Think think……

    Dad: Ei? I thought the Sultan is head of Islam geh? So what they say?

    Michelles last blog post..Muhyiddin urges Pak Lah to speed up hand-over of power

  15. Saya sokong about this being banned in the various States, it being an idea mooted by BN, however on the Halal stamp being exploited by some parties to enrich their coffers… errr could be true. From experience, I worked in some truly remote places and all food items must carry the Halal stamp with accompanying certifications. Granted that the marine vessels I worked were mostly Malaysian owned. But, re-branding or bowing to pressure, it affects the companies if there’s no Halal stamp on it, especially here in Malaysia.
    I encountered a situation previously where we had to get rid of 100 kg of Ajinomoto because it didn’t have the Halal stamp on it. FYI, that particular consignment came from Brunei (a very Islamic country), ajinomoto made from a plant (tapioca, right). So why the Halal stamp needed?

    Geralds last blog post..Foot in mouth disease pt 2

  16. Again, at the risk of making a fool of myself again…

    Gerald – “So why the Halal stamp needed?”

    Because Halal is not about pork/alcohol only, but it encompasses the way it is prepared, the steps it took, the clealiness, the health aspect, etc. So even if it is prepared using halal ingredients and manufactured by muslims, it may not mean halal straightaway…

    perhaps muslims frens could enlighten us further…


    KakiAyams last blog post..“If you are not happy with what we are doing, then you should be a politician and stand for elections” – Azalina

  17. Iz lying widda straight face Hadhari too?

    “No I’m not getting married” *bing* married next day
    “No, elections not tomorrow” *bing* elections next day
    “I will wipe out corruption” *bing* got illegal mansions, *massive* illegal land transfers, Selangor got RM36B dubious projects, Lingam & the Six Movie Star Dwarves still saying Korrect Korrect Korrect free and easy, Mongolian model kena blown up using ARMY bombs and immigration record removed.

    Is it also Hadhari to illegally use ISA to detain the 5 people, and to harass a widely-supported royal blogger, while no action against idiots who have demonstrations in front of Komtar. They stayed dry and tearless too. Hadhari ke?

  18. ha ha …i cant link the dot between hadhari with allthosethingy Dan wrote… especially between hadhari and ISA…

    hadhari is just a brand…pak lah were branding the style of his government (which is fair..it is his government)…

    I think he thought by potraying islam Hadhari as new theory of governance (theres a lot! you guys should study political science more! its fascinating) he can set example for other retarded extreme islamist nation to be like malaysia…moderate, tolerant and prosper….

    IMHO theres a pro and con to this…to long to discuss lol.

    But if you ask why it was banned…i have to say its just because its the other guy idea, thats all….

    he he i think Anwar used to have an almost same concept during his tenure as DPM…what is it ? i dont remember
    lah…but that also receive flak from the islamist group.

  19. hasrul: I’m just saying, he should practise what he preaches. He brand himself and “his” government with religion kau-kau, but how come the government does so many evil things under his watch?

    If he cannot handle every single, OK, but he keep quiet only. There is no evidence to show that he can be trusted to keep his promises, but so far lots of evidence to show that there is much corruption, racial hatred, looting and unfairness in this country.

  20. When people see his ministers say stupid things, and rude/biadap things, and live lavishly where Malaysians (of ALL races) struggle, where is the tolerance and wisdom prescribed by Islam?

    His ministers keep saying Chinese has all the wealth. What kind of bull kaka is this? I look at a young Malay guy driving a Ferrari in Bangsar. And on the same street a young Chinese guy forced to sell pirated DVD because he can’t get into local university, or the Ah Pek selling steamboat from a lorry. You mean the young Chinese guy has a Ferrari too stashed at home but selling DVDs for fun? How can anyone be so racist and delineate wealth by race? Just help whoever is poor and needs it, why must discriminate by race?

  21. so true if you are talking about KL or selangor…there a lot of rich malay!…but then again malaysia does not spin aroung KL only you know…have you seen how a malay or indian live in batu pahat? or Segamat?

  22. hasrul, the rich-poor gap is huge in Malaysia. therefore the ultra rich manipulating the hardcore poor. the poor gave their vote to the rich fella’s politician friend. in return, they got their peanuts.

  23. hasrul: No I didn’t. But why are you still harping on race? Why not just use the word, “Malaysians in Batu Pahat and Segamat”? No need to use Malay or Indian or Chinese or Dan Lain Lain, ALL of which are found across Malaysia, even in the jungle where the original putera bumi live.

  24. To have a better understanding of the concept, try downloading the thesis from the given URL and read page 34


    hope it could give you some insights on Islam Hadhari.

    I personally find the ideas and values of the concept useful but it does have its drawbacks. I don’t blame non-muslims for being uncomfortable with it because if we Muslims were introduced to concepts like say “Christian Evangelism” or Hinduism Ahimsa”, we’d be equally confused.

    It is actually the government’s responsibility to explain to the public which probably they have failed to this day.

    Nevertheless, I assure you Islam Hadhari is not a new religion nor it is made to implicate other ppl religiously.

    Instead it is supposed to improve governance for the people. I am really saddened by this. The government should’ve understood better in handling a multicultural country. I really love this country and its people. Let us all live together peacefully despite of our differences. We are human beings after all and life is not forever.

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