I know Selangor did it yesterday. Today, my little island is following the same thing.

Got this from Malaysiakini,

P. Pinang haramkan Islam hadhari
Jimadie Shah Othman | May 27, 08 12:42pm
Pulau Pinang akan mengikut jejak Selangor yang melarang sebarang bentuk program mempromosikan Islam hadhari, tafsiran agama yang dikembangkan sejak Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjadi perdana menteri.

I never pay much attention to this word Hadhari. I know Menj is very anti-Hadhari as he said it is the liberal Islam whereby people interpret the faith according to their liking. Very much how people say I am a liberal Catholic. Kikhkikhkikh…

Hadhari or not, I know that of late, a lot of things that have the vibes of the perceived ‘Islamlic laws’ do give make us non-Muslims a little worried. For example, the baju kurung issue. Initially, when the news broke out, it mentioned school uniform. The news never say it is baju kurung. If I knew it is baju kurung, I wouldn’t have blog about it. In my personal opinion, baju kurung and Islam goes hand in hand and I have no business in commenting about it. If it is school uniforms, non-Muslims automatically up their antennas because we are fearful of having our dotters garbed in all black, head to bottom uniform. It is not only against our wishes, it is also seen as a form of intimidation.

Muslims have to understand why we are fearful. We are fearful because we do not understand. I also know that many bloggers are very vocal and they do write in a very rude and insinuating manners. That cannot be helped because we have come to this stage whereby the politicians often pumped to us their disgusts for munafiks and kaffirs. We, non-Muslims are nothing but infidels who eat pigs which are shit dirty. See? It takes both side to create this hostility.

But as far as I am concerned, I like to believe that I have always watch my tone, how I approach an issue and I hope that I have always been polite to my Muslims friends/strangers. If I have called politicians names, it is because they are politicians who had made blunders and they deserved the name. It has nothing to do with their race or religion but their total idiotic views.

So, without going on offensive, can someone tell me :

1) What is Islam Hadhari?

2) Is it the Islam whereby halal industries make some people very rich and at the same time, cause tensions to manufacturers and users who are not linked to this industries? (yeah, I know who is behind the halal industries) I know that of late, so many things have cropped up that cause Muslims to be very wary of non-Muslims. Think of the cross on the Wall’s Icecream, the Colgate toothpaste and etc.

3) Is it the kind of Islam which Khir Toyo prescribed to whereby he has the rights to write whatever he wants to create the misguided conception to his readers that we Catholics are out to ‘steal their Allah’?

4) Is Islam Hadhari the kind which promotes idolisma in the form of AF lah, Mencari menantu lah and all those Western copy-cat reality shows?

Please remember that I am a Catholic and we have our basic guides which are very close to some religions. We do not encourage show of flesh as well. Long time ago, if we women go to church, we have to cover our heads with a shawl too. We do not allow pre-marital sex, contraception, divorce and most of the basic things Islam forbids. Therefore, do not get the idea that all non-Muslims are like what some bloggers claimed us to be. A walking piece of flesh who have no moral and are out to destroy the rest of the world by tempting them to embrace Satan.

Again, what is Islam Hadhari? And why is Pakatan Rakyat against it?