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Dear Diary


8 Responses to “Dear Diary”

  1. :lol:… now, where did i stash my diary-ar….

    oops, used as spare paper????

    Angie Tans last blog post..Service Center Without Any Service

  2. i abandoned my written diary for an online journal 10 years ago =(

    elfiejanes last blog post..Womenz r dum bitchez

  3. I stopped writing my diary when my sister read it without my permission. 👿

    I started writing a little again, I think it lets me get stuff off of my chest. Stuff that I don’t want the whole world to know. 😉

    Michelles last blog post..Najib: NS to aim for zero deaths

  4. My handwriting is more cakar ayam than yours and it’s getting worse because sometimes I don’t even write a single word for the whole day, all thanks to the computer keyboard.

    Bryans last blog post..32GB USB Flash Drive On Sale!

  5. i would write in pieces of papers and throw them away or burn them. nonsense huh?

  6. :mrgreen: I still write on my thick exercise notebook diary, am I old fashion? :mrgreen:
    Currently the blog is a place for me to record info I want to read over and over again.

    Agnes Tans last blog post..+WonderMilk

  7. hahaha..same reason as to why i blog..coz handwriting sux..the first few lines ok but as i go on, it bcome in the end..give up…hahahaa…

    missironics last blog post..Inner Thoughts

  8. i wrote diary b4 but once i curi baca my sis’s then i koyak and throw away mine. =P bad influence from eldest sis. Ajak me read with her. I also kaypo, I go read. Then takut orang read mine. 😆

    I see my diary got like 30 pages torn off. Left 3 pages of that good-for-nothing-pile-of-shit guy. =P

    Ping Pings last blog post..Roar!!! Nuffnang party here I come!!!! *meow*