Ok, ok, HAPPY post

I am a normal person, ok? I sometimes enjoy getting morbid only. Boh pien, life is like that mah. Sometimes, happy, sometimes, si peh peik cheik. (stressed)

So, who can be happier than a kid with clown and mascot?


We were eating at Old Town in New World Park and they passed by. Hmmmm…Old Town, New World. So opposite.


I think my photo dem ‘feel’ hor? Got the mood like dat.


So far, I think New World Park is doing well, with a mixture of hawkers and the more upmarket restaurants and coffee joints. After kena slaughtered RM48 bucks in Old Town eating bread and eggs, we came out and go to the kopitiam outside and eat wan tan mee and sui kau somemore because standing, watching the clowns made us hungry again.


And today, I cut my hair and dye it. I came out of the shop with only 50 sen left in my pocket. 🙁 Actually, I have no intention of colouring my hair because CAP (consumer association of penang aka the boy who cries wolf all the time) said we can get cancer from all those hair dyes. But the hairdressers were shaking legs so I pun ‘eng-siew’ (entertain) their suggestion to colour again. Cut = RM25, Hair colouring = RM50. I got a bunch of Ringgit notes in my jeans back pocket and pulled out and counted. I have RM75.50 in the pocket. Just enough. So die may dye lorrrr…

(it is hard to cari makan as a clown nowadays because the kids are trained by David Blaine and David Copperfield)

Because of the hair colouring, I have to sit for 45 minutes to wait for the colour to set. I observed that women, irrespective of their ages are damn vain. All also want to be beautiful. Niamah, I feel damn boh song sitting with those aunties and leng luis who seem to know so much about their hair lah, their skin lah, their diet lah….Sometimes, these aunties (in their 60s) even hire make-up artist to go to the hairdresser place so that after they did their hair, they get their make-up done. Aiyoh, I wish those Indian barber shops will cut my hair, no need to suffer listening to their gossips. How nice if those Indian barber shops take women’s clients. Those are like lightning fast kind of hair cut. Sit, zip, brush, pay.

So, happy post or not ah?

25 thoughts on “Ok, ok, HAPPY post

  1. Now that you mentioned CAP, they just issued a warning based on one scientist’s study that prolonged use of mobile phone will cause brain cancer.

    The shitty thing is, my phone is more beside my pocket instead of on my ear, so I’m wondering now if I will develop testicular cancer in the next 10 years 😛

    Klaws last blog post..A Pack Of Wild Beasts Surrounding Their Prey

  2. sui cha boh change hair color, lilian too say red bring fatt so keng horr!

    eh new world pasembor not bad huh? and thank god your son is not affraid of both mascot and clown, i know some people are very terrified by those and i dont understand.

  3. lilian, u damn good photographer lah….

    issued mobile phone warning based on 1 scientist’s study..google it, there are 10 more studies tht said otherwise…knee jerk reaction lah… don let the buta lead the buta… 😉

  4. Fuyoh! Who is that Ah Lian lah! *wolf whistle*

    Woi! Fountain water all over my table again!!!

  5. 😉 Wa very nice hair style, put on a leather jacket and ride on a Harley – you will become one of those Harley Girls 😉

  6. is that the Toto mascot? Aiyo, I that day baru let the mascot scare me. When you are a big green bird, you don’t freaking stand behind people’s back without a sound. I was talking and then I turned around and see a HUGE BIRD behind me. 😯 😯 Jump up and people laughed at me. Some more dare to take out his hands/wings to shake with me.. 😡

    Ping Pings last blog post..What should I go as?

  7. when i was young i used to patronize the indian barbers. they are actually very efficient and dun spend unnecessary crap pushing sales of lousy products to customers.

    unfortunately in the new society, i’ve been influenced to consume so much hair products that i have joined the dark side…

    *plays darth vader theme*

    Robbs last blog post..A Few More Days to First Pay Cheque

  8. Eh, your hairdresser so cheap lar, for the dye job..mine charge RM100++ leh so I now have very nice glossy ORIGINAL black hair.
    If my son see the clown, sure run away and cry! He was frightened by a clown (long story) last year and since then everytime he sees a clown, he will cling to me and refused to go near.

  9. Foong – I go to Kedai Dandan Rambut Ah Hwa, Ah Heok and Ah Ki. LOL :mrgreen: Cheap and good ‘cos not many hairdressers understand my thau hong hair, cannot be tame one.

    Robb – My children all also started with Indian barber shop and then, progress to Gurney Plaza kind of stuffs.

    ping ping – Dunno what bird also, at least not lam chiao haha.

    agnes – Your imagination too scary :mrgreen:

    th_c – Got….but the weird gray hair grows on one patch, like Cruella De Vil. On my forehead, one streak.

  10. ki – It is not red but brown, maybe the flash cacat sikit.

    wuching – Hepiiii

    terence – Cibai, I hope I drown you one day. Wait I go take photo of a dam first.

    bryan – Paling chialat, my kid can scold “You liar, you think I stupid or what? I see you hide the ball!”

    JT – No nid to state the obvious but thank you… 😈 😆

    azhan – Ya, New World Park got lots of stalls also, I like. Especially weekends flea markets.

    klaw – Wuah, fried telor like that? 😯 😆 But I long-long never read CAP cos read already can go mental case due to too much worries.

    khy – Tenkiu 🙂

  11. huei – Become mascot also hard, the kids kick the butt. LOL. Not mine lah, but other kids. Silap aim, ter-kick the balls how lah.

  12. giddy tigress – I have DAPtitis so hair almost must change to red mah….No lah, I got over my crush, so I never pay attention. :mrgreen: Church? I go on Sundays now cos no cathecism class on Sat so I don’t go.

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