(some of) Our politicians should know they are stupid when…

I was flipping through the papers this morning. (I know I said boycott the papers but the papers my husband buys, not me, ok?) The main page shows the China flood which hits right after the earthquake. So, I mumbled to my relative who helps me do housekeeping about the tragedy in China and Myanmar, how difficult life is there.

My housekeeper said, “Yalah, people in China and Burma all suffering and doing what they can to help each other. Our politicians here pulak quarrel over all the small matters. Very stupid lah.”

So, dear politicians in Malaysia, please note that you are labelled as stupid by people on the streets. Not only bloggers say you are stupid. Everyone from the streets think so too. We are tired of stupid things you do like ;

1) Letting thugs who beat up people till bloodied to go free while stuffings human rights activitists who stood peacefully on the road, into jail.

2) Ex-PM and current PM and future PMs in waiting, wasting their energy and focus on bitch fights instead of building the country.

3) Spending like one week, several columns in the paper to argue over whether baju kurung is seksi or not seksi. For fark’s sake, go find something new to talk about, ok?

4) Living in self-denial that winning a few rocks is a victory.

5) *blog readers are free to state the obvious stupid things politicians do*

9 thoughts on “(some of) Our politicians should know they are stupid when…

  1. …. when a PKR member quits to join UMNO, he gets red carpet treatment, the PM welcomes him personally and personally approves his membership. WTF!!! He is only one man lah!!! WTFx10!!! He could also be undercover!!! Bwahahaha!!!

  2. Tak berkaitan,,but where I jadi resident, Thailand, the gomen is spending 300million baht (Rm30million) for the king’s sister’s funeral. That’s also stewpid when there are thousands staying in slums.Seems like everywhere also got stupid ppl running countries.Anjua?

    Kis last blog post..Komplen hamit lan?

  3. all polititian are stupid….all we need to is just vote the less stupid one…thats all

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